abhyudaya अभ्युदय

Definition: अभ्युदय a. Rising. -यः 1 Rise (of heavenly bodies); sunrise. -2 Rise, prosperity, good fortune, elevation, success; स्पृशन्ति नः स्वामिनमभ्युदयाः Ratn.1 success; भवो हि लोकाभ्युदयाय तादृशाम् R.3.14; Ms.3.254; Bh. 2.63; R.12.3, V.5. -3 A festival; any religious or festive celebration, festive occasion; ˚कालः joyous or festive occasion; Ś.7; प्रतिषिद्धा पिवेद्या तु मद्यमभ्युदयेष्वपि Ms.9.84. -4 Beginning, commencement. -5 Occurrence, happening. -6 Accomplishment of a desired object (which is the cause of festivity). -7 The tonsure ceremony. -8 A Śrāddha performed on account of child-birth (वृद्धिश्राद्धम्) -Comp. -अर्थकम् Śrāddha for prosperity or elevation. -इष्टिः f. Name of a particular expiatory sacrifice.

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