abhyas अभ्यस्

Definition: अभ्यस् 4 P. 1 To practise, exercise; धन्यो वन्यमतङ्गजः परिचयप्रागल्भ्यमभ्यस्यति Māl.9.32; अभ्यस्यतीव व्रतमासिधारम् R.13.67; Ms.11.16. -2 To repeat, perform repeatedly; मृगकुलं रोमन्थमभ्यस्यतु Ś.2.6; अभ्यस्यन्ति तटाघातम् Ku.2.5; K.183. -3 To learn, study, acquire or learn by practice, recite, read; वेदमेव सदाभ्यस्येत् Ms.2. 166; 4.147,149; Y.3.24; K.79. -4 To throw down upon, heap one upon another, accumulate, lay on (Ved.). -5 To throw or fling at, shoot or aim at (as arrows).

Dictionary: Apte
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