abhisaṃdhiḥ अभिसंधिः

Definition: अभिसंधिः 1 Speech; deliberate declaration, promise. -2 Intention, object, purpose, aim; दम्पत्योः प्राणसश्लेषे यो$- भिसंधिः कृतः किल Mb.12.266.34; तस्या अभिसंधिना विधेयीकृतो$पि Māl.1; Dk.38; स्वर्ग˚ Ku.6.47. -3 Implied sense, the meaning intended, as in अयमभिसन्धिः (frequently occurring in explanatory glosses). -4 Opinion, belief. -5 Special agreement, terms of an agreement, condition, stipulation; अथावश्यमेव माधवसेनः पूज्येन मोचयितव्यः श्रूयतामभिसन्धिः M.1. -6 Deception, Making peace or alliance. -8 Junction, combination. -Comp. -कृत a. done intentionally.

Dictionary: Apte
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