abhiman अभिमन्

Definition: -manyate- (subjunctive -manyāte- ) to think of, long for, desire etc. ; (Aorist subjunctive 2. sg. -maṃsthāḥ-,3. sg. -maṃsta-, Vedic or Veda infinitive mood abh/i-mantoḥ- ) to intend to injure, be insidious, threaten, injure etc. ; to kill (Aorist -amaṃsta-) ; to allow, agree ; to think of self, be proud of ; to think, suppose, imagine, take for (accusative)

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: RV. x , 27 , 11, RV., S3Br., VS., AV., AitBr., Ka1tyS3r., MBh. ii , 1374 ,
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