abhiṣic अभिषिच्

Definition: ( sic-) P., rarely A1. (exempli gratia, 'for example' ) to sprinkle, water, wet (pr. p. -siñc/at-), etc. ; to consecrate, anoint, appoint by consecration etc.: A1. (Imper. 2. sg. -ṣiñcasva-,sometimes varia lectio Passive voice -ṣicyasva-) to consecrate one's self or have one's self consecrated : A1. or Passive voice to bathe : Causal P. to water, wet : P. (rarely ā-.) to consecrate, anoint : A1. (with or without[ ] ātmānam-) to have one's self consecrated: Desiderative -ṣiṣikṣati- and Intensive -sesicyate- and commentator or commentary