abhiṣeka अभिषेक

Definition: (‘besprinkling’).—The Vedic king was conse­crated after his election with an elaborate ritual, which is fully described in the Taittirīya, Pañcavimśa,śatapatha, and Aitareya Brāhmanas, and for which the Mantras are given in the Samhitās. The consecration took place by sprinkling with water (abhisecanīyā āpah).6 Only kings could be consecrated, the people not being worthy of it (anabhisecanīyāh). The sprinkler (abhisektr) is mentioned in the list of victims at the Purusamedha. The Abhiseka is an essential part of the Rājasūya, or sacrifice of royal inauguration, being the second of its component members.

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