abhiṣekaḥ अभिषेकः

Definition: अभिषेकः 1 Sprinkling, watering, wetting. -2 Anointing, inaugurating or consecrating by sprinkling water (a king, idol &c.). ततो हि नः प्रियतरं नान्यत्किंचिद्भविष्यति । यथाभिषेको रामस्य Rām.2.17.11; अग्निहोत्राभिषेकौ Kau. A. 1.3. -3 (Particularly) Coronation, inauguration, installation (of kings); royal unction; अथाभिषेकं रघुवंशकेतोः R.14.7. -4 The (holy) water required at inauguration, coronation water; अमात्यपरिषदं ब्रूहि संभ्रियतामायुषो राज्याभिषेक इति V.5; यौवराज्य ˚ ibid.; R.17.14. -5 Bathing; ablution, holy or religious bathing; अभिषेकोत्तीर्णाय काश्यपाय Ś.4; अत्राभिषेकाय तपोधनानाम् R.13.51, 1.85, 1.63,13.58,14.82; K.22,36,96; Ku.5.16;7.11; Ś.7.12; H.4.87. -6 Bathing or sprinkling with water (of a divinity to whom worship is offered). -Comp. -अहः day of coronation. -शाला coronationhall.

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