abhiṣaṅgaḥ अभिषङ्गः

Definition: अभिषङ्गः (also अभिसङ्गः) 1 Complete contact or union; attachment, connection, association; कन्यका दुन्वन्ति हृदयं मनुष्याणामीदृशाद् दुरभिसङ्गात् Māl.7 ill attachment or union; Māl 8; मुहुरिति वनविभ्रमाभिषङ्गात् Śi.7.68; K.146,29. -2 Defeat, mortification, discomfiture; जाताभिषङ्गे नृपतिः R.2.3. -3 A sudden blow, shock or grief, a sudden calamity or misfortune, unexpected reverse; ततो$भिषङ्गानिलविप्रविद्धा R.14.54,77; Ku.3.73; ˚जडं विजज्ञिवान् R.8.75. -4 Possession by devils or evil spirits; अभिघाताभिषङ्गाभ्यामभिचाराभिशापतः Mādh. N. -5 An oath. -6 Embracing; copulation. -7 A curse or imprecation, abuse. -8 A false charge or accusation, calumny or defamation. -9 Contempt, disrespect. -1 The state of being disturbed in mind; उच्चारितं मे मनसो$भिषङ्गात् Mb.5.3.1. cf. अभिषङ्गस्तु शपथे शापे सङ्गे पराभवे Nm. -Comp. -ज्वरः fever caused by the action of evil spirits.

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