aāntarya अआन्तर्य

Definition: proximity; close affinity; close relationship. There are four kinds of such proximity as far as words in grammar are concerned; Re: the organs of speech (स्थानतः)as in दण्डाग्रम्, regarding the meaning(अर्थतः)as in वातण्ड्ययुवतिः, regarding the quality (गुण) as in पाकः रागः, and regarding the prosodial value (प्रमाण) as in अमुष्मै, अमूभ्याम्; cf. अनेकविधं अान्तर्यं स्थानार्थगुणप्रमाणकृतम् Par. Śek. Pari.13. cf. also Kāś. on I.1.50.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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