aāmantrita अआमन्त्रित

Definition: a word in the vocative sing. cf. सामन्त्रितम् P.II.3.48: a tech. term in Pāṇini's grammar, the peculiar features of which are पराङ्गवद्भाव (cf. P.II.1.2), अविद्यमानवद्भाव (cf. P.VIII.1.72), द्वित्व (cf. P.VIII. 1.8), अद्युदात्तत्व (cf. P.VI.1.198), सर्वानुदात्तत्व(cf. P.VIII.1.19), splitting of ए into अा and इ, e.g. अग्रे into अग्ना ३ इ (cf. P.VIII.2.107 Vārt. 3); (2) Vocative case, cf. ओकार अामन्त्रितजः प्रगृह्यः Ṛk. Prāt. I.28; Vāj. Pr. III.139: II.17: II.24 VI.1.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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