paro&100;kṣa परो&100;क्ष

Definition: ksha ] a. [beyond the eye], being out of sight, invisible, imperceptible; unknown, unintelligible; cognizable by mind only; °ree;--, imperceptibly: -m, ad. behind the back of, without the knowledge of (in. V.; g. or --°ree;, C.); in. imperceptibly, mysteriously; ab. without the knowledge of (in.); behind the back of (g.); when one has not been present (gr.); -kâma, a. fond of mystery; -krita, pp. not addressing but merely refer ring to a deity indirectly, i. e. in the third per son (verse); -tâ, f., -tva, n. being out of sight, imperceptibility; obscurity; -vritti, a. living or acting out of sight; -½artha, a. invisible; secret, recondite.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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