aṅit अङित्

Definition: not marked with the mute letter ṅ (ङ्) signifying the absence of the prohibition of the guṇa or the vṛddhi substitute. cf अङिति गुणप्रतिषेधः (वक्तव्यः) M.Bh. III.3.83 Vārt. 2. In the case of the preposition ā (अा) unmarked with ṅ (ड्), it signifies a sentence or remembrance of something cf. वाक्यस्मरणयोरङित् e.g. आ एवं नु मन्यसे, आ एवं किल तत् cf. M. Bh. on I.l.14.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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