aṭ अट्

Definition: token term standing for vowels and semi-vowels excepting l (ल्) specially mentioned as not interfering with the substitution of ṇ (ण्) for n (न्) e.g. गिरिणा, आर्येण, खर्वेण etc. Sec P.VIII.4.2; (2) augment a (अट्) with an acute accent, which is prefixed to verbal forms in the imperfect and the aorist tenses and the conditional mood. e.g. अभवत्, अभूत्, अभविष्यत् Sec P.IV.4.71; (3) augment a (अट्) prescribed in the case of the roots रुद्, स्वप् etc. before a Sārvadhātuka affix beginning with any consonant except y (य्), e.g. अरोदत्, अस्वपत्, अजक्षत्, आदत् etc.; see P.VII.3, 99, 100;(4) augment a (अट्) prefixed sometimes in Vedic Literature to affixes of the Vedic subjunctive (लेट्) e.g. तारिवत्, मन्दिवत् etc. see P.III.4.94.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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