aṅgiras अङ्गिरस्

Definition: m. Name of a ṛṣi-, author of the hymns of , of a code of laws, and of a treatise on astronomy (he is said by some to have been born from brahmā-'s mouth, and to have been the husband of smṛti-, of śraddhā-, of two daughters of maitreya-, of several daughters of dakṣa-, etc.;he is considered as one of the seven ṛṣi-s of the first manvantara-, as a prajāpati-, as a teacher of the brahmavidyā-, which he had learnt from satyavāha-, a descendant of bharadvāja-, etc. Among his sons, the chief is agni-, others are saṃvarta-, utathya-, and bṛhaspati-;among his daughters are mentioned sinīvālī-, kuhū-, rākā-, anumati-, and akūpārā-;but the ṛca-s or Vedic hymns, the manes of haviṣmat-, and mankind itself are styled his offspring. In astronomy he is the planet Jupiter, and a star in Ursa Major)

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: RV. ix
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