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yuvapratyayam. a suffix forming the so-called yuvan- patronymics Scholiast or Commentator View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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yuvapratyaya m. suffix forming patronymics termed yuvan (gr.); -mârin, a. dying young; -râga, m. crown-prince, heir-apparent (associated to the throne): -tva, n. dignity of an heir-apparent: -râgya, n. id.
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yuvapratyayataddhita affix. affix फक् ( अायन ), फिञ् ( अायनि ) or any other in the sense of युवन् which is to be applied to a base ending with an affix in the sense of offspring ( अपत्यप्रत्ययान्त ) or with an affix in the sense of a grandson ( गोत्रप्रत्ययान्त ). The affix is not applied when a female offspring is meant.
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