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niyuP. A1. -yauti-, or -yuv/ati-, te-, (1. sg. A1. -yuve-; imperative 2. dual number P. -yuyotam-; ind.p. -yūya-), to bind on, fasten ; to bring near, procure, bestow ; Intensive 3. sg. -yoyuve- View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
yu (see yuj-) cl.2 P. () yauti- (Vedic or Veda also A1. yut/e-and cl.6. yuv/ati-, te-; according to to also cl.9. yunāti-, yunīte-; perfect tense yuyāva-,2. sg. yuyavitha- ; yuyuv/e- ; Aorist -yāviṣṭam-(?) ; ayaviṣṭa- grammar; preceding yūyāt- ; future yuvitā- ; yavitā-, yaviṣyati-, te- grammar; ind.p. yutvā- ; -yūya- ; -yutya- ), to unite, attach, harness, yoke, bind, fasten ; to draw towards one's self, take hold or gain possession of, hold fast ; to push on towards (accusative) ; to confer or bestow upon (dative case), procure ; (yauti-), to worship, honour : Passive voice yūyate- (Aorist ayāvi-) grammar : Causal yāvayati- (Aorist ayīyavat-) : Desiderative of Causal yiyāvayiṣati- : Desiderative y/uyūṣati- (), yiyaviṣati- (grammar), to wish to unite or hold fast: Intensive yoyūyate-, yoyoti-, yoyavīti- etc. (See ā--, ni-yu-). View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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