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yunakti: third person singular present present class 7 parasmaipadayuj
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niyujP. A1. -yunakti-, -yuṅkte-, to bind on, tie or fasten to (locative case) etc. ; (with dhuri-) to tie to the pole of a carriage id est yoke, harness ; (met.) to place in front id est employ in the hardest work (also guru-dhūrṣu- ) ; to join, put together (especially the hands in a certain position; see kapota-) Scholiast or Commentator on ; to attach to id est make dependent on (dative case or locative case) ; to enjoin, order, command, coerce, impel, appoint, instal (double accusative), trust or charge with, direct or commission or authorize to (locative case dative case, artham- in fine compositi or 'at the end of a compound',or infin.) etc. ; to confer or intrust anything (accusative) upon or to (locative case) ; to place at, put in the way (with locative case) ; to direct towards, fix (mind or eyes upon, with locative case) ; to use, employ : Causal -yojayati-, to harness (horses etc.), put or tie to (locative case) ; to set or lay (a trap or snare etc.) ; to enjoin, urge, impel, coerce, appoint or instal as (double accusative), appoint to (locative case), direct or compel or request or command to (dative case locative case accusative with prati-,or artham- in fine compositi or 'at the end of a compound') ; commit or intrust anything (accusative) to (locative case) etc. ; to put in any place or state (locative case) ; to confer or bestow upon (locative case) ; to use, employ (reason etc.) ; to accomplish, perform (a rite) ; to endow or furnish with, cause to partake of (instrumental case)
pratiprayujP. A1. -yunakti-, -yuṅkte-, to add instead of something else, substitute ; (A1.) to pay back, restore (a debt) (Bombay edition) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
pratiyujP. A1. -yunakti-, -yuṅkte-, to fasten on, tie to (accusative) ; (A1.) to pay back (a debt) (Calcutta edition prati-pray-): Causal -yojayati-, to fix on, adjust (the arrow on the bow) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
prayujA1. -yuṅkte- (rarely P. -yunakti-; see ), to yoke or join or harness to (locative case) ; to unite with (instrumental case) ; to turn (the mind) to (locative case) ; to prepare for (dative case) ; to set in motion, throw, cast (also dice), discharge, hurl at (locative case or dative case) etc. ; to utter, pronounce, speak, recite ; to fix, place in or on (locative case) ; to direct, order, urge to (dative case or locative case) etc. ; to choose for (two accusative) ; to lead towards, bring into (accusative) ; to use, employ, practise, display, exhibit, perform, accomplish, contrive, do etc. ; to undertake, commence, begin ; to cause, effect, produce ; to represent on the stage, act ; to lend (for use or interest) : Passive voice -yujyate-, to be fit or suitable, conduce to (dative case) : Causal -yojayati-, to throw, discharge, hurl at or against (locative case) ; to utter, pronounce ; to show, display, exhibit ; (with manas-) to concentrate the mind ; to urge, direct, appoint to (locative case) ; to transfer or entrust to (dative case) ; to undertake, begin ; to represent on the stage ; to cause to be represented by (instrumental case) ; to use, employ etc. ; to perform, practise ; (with vṛddhim-) to take interest ; (with prayogam-) to invest capital ; to be applicable gaRa kṣubhnādi- ; to aim at, have in view : Desiderative -yuyukṣate-, to wish to use, want, require View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
samāyujP. A1. -yunakti-, -yuṅkte-, to join or fasten together, join, prepare, make ready ; to meet, encounter (in a hostile manner) ; to surround : Causal -yojayati-, to furnish or supply with (instrumental case) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
saṃniyujP. -yunakti-, to connect with, place or put in (locative case) ; to appoint, employ : Causal yojayati-, to place in or on (locative case) ; to appoint to, intrust with (locative case;or artham-, arthāya- in fine compositi or 'at the end of a compound') View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
samprayujP. A1. -yunakti-, -ynṅkte-, to yoke or join together, yoke, harness ; to employ, make use of ; to perform, execute (a song) ; to instigate, incite, induce to (instrumental case) : Passive voice -yujyate-, to be joined or connected with (instrumental case), be added or attached etc. ; to be united sexually ; to be implicated in (instrumental case) : Causal -yojayati-, to join together, connect with (instrumental case) ; to equip, prepare
samupayujP. -yunakti-, to make complete use of, consume : Causal -yojayati- idem or 'mfn. gone up to, approached (with accusative) ' View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
saṃyujP. A1. -yunakti-, -yuṅkte-, to join or attach together, conjoin, connect, combine, unite etc. ; to bind, fetter ; to endow or furnish with (instrumental case) etc. ; to form an alliance, league together ; to place in, fix on, direct towards (locative case) : Passive voice -yujyate-, to be joined together, be united etc. ; to meet or fall in with (instrumental case) ; to be married to (instrumental case) ; (with ratyā-,or grāmyadharmatayā-) to have sexual intercourse on ; to be supplied or furnished with (instrumental case) etc.: Causal -yojayati-, to cause to join together, bring together, unite ; to put to (horses), yoke, harness ; to hold together, check, control (the senses) (varia lectio) ; to furnish or endow or present with (instrumental case) etc. ; to give over to, entrust with (genitive case of Persian and accusative of thing) ; to add to (locative case) ; to fix on, direct towards (locative case) ; to shoot, discharge (a missile) ; to equip (an army) ; to use, employ, appoint ; to institute, perform, accomplish ; (A1.) to be absorbed, meditate View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
udyujP. A1. -yunakti-, -yuṅkte- (infinitive mood -yuj/e- ) to join, be in contact with ; to get off or away, go away ; to go near, undergo, prepare ; to make efforts, be active : Causal -yojayati-, to excite, incite, make active or quick, stimulate to exertion View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
viniyujA1. -yuṅkte- (rarely P. -yunakti-; see on ), to unyoke, disjoin, loose, detach, separate ; to discharge (an arrow) at (locative case) ; to assign, commit, appoint to, charge or entrust with, destine for (dative case locative case,or artham-) etc. (with sakhye-,to chose for a friend) ; to apply, use, employ ; to eat : Passive voice -yujyate-, to be unyoked etc. ; to fall to pieces, decay : Causal -yojayati-, to appoint or assign to, commit to (locative case,or arthāya-,or /artham-) etc. ; to entrust anything (accusative) to (locative case) ; to offer or present, anything (accusative) to (dative case) ; to use, employ ; to perform View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
viprayujP. -yunakti-, to separate from, deprive of (instrumental case) : Passive voice -yujyate-, to be separated from (instrumental case) : Causal -yojayati-, to cause to be separated from, deprive of (instrumental case) ; to release from (instrumental case) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
viyujP. A1. -yunakti-, -yuṅkte-, to disjoin, detach, divide, separate from or deprive of (instrumental case,rarely ablative) etc. ; to part from (instrumental case) ; (A1.) to forsake, abandon (accusative) ; to relax, abate, yield : Passive voice -yujyate-, to be separated from or deprived of, lose (instrumental case) etc. ; to break (a vow instrumental case) ; to be relaxed, yield, give way : Causal -yojayati-, te-, to cause to be disjoined, separate or deliver from, deprive of (instrumental case or ablative) etc. ; to rob ; to subtract View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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yuj yoke yuj yoke, VII. yunákti: pf. yuyujé, x. 34, 11; rt. ao. áyugdhvam, i. 85, 4. prá- yoke in front, i. 85, 5.
Bloomfield Vedic
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kas te yunakti # MG.1.2.3. Cf. kas tvā yu-, and ko vo etc.
kas tvā yunakti sa tvā yunaktu (VS.śB. yunakti) # VS.1.6; TS.; 6.8.4;; KSA.5.9; śB.; TB.; Apś.4.4.9; 20.9.4. P: kas tvā Kś.2.3.3. Cf. under kas te yu-.
kas tvā yunakti sa tvā vi muñcatu # TS.; 7.6.6; Apś.4.16.10. Cf. under kas te yu-.
kasmai tvā yunakti tasmai tvā yunakti # VS.1.6; śB.
kasmai vo yunakti tasmai vo yunaktu # Mś.
ko vo yunakti sa vo yunaktu # Apś.1.16.10; 4.4.4; 12.1.6; Mś.; P: ko vo yunakti MG.1.4.5; VārG.8.5. Cf. under kas te yunakti.
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bhakṣ(bhakṣati/te), bhakṣ (bhakṣayati), bhuj, khād, aś, ghas, khad, hu, carba, cham, cam (camati), vī, vevī, cam (camnoti), valbh, jakṣ, caṣ, (vi)cam, carv (carvati), carv (carvayati), kuḍ, am, (sam) añj, car, kūḍ, kruḍ, skhad, snus, (upa)yuj (upayunakti), (upa)yuj (upayuṅkte), bhrakṣ, bhlakṣ, plakṣ   

annasya gala-bilādhaḥ-saṃyogānukūla-vyāpāraḥ।

bho māṇavaka, bhakṣaya etat phalam।

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