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yuje: masculine dative singular stem: yuj
yuje: neuter dative singular stem: yuj
yuje: feminine dative singular stem: yuj
Monier-Williams Search
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yuj (confer, compare 2. yu- cl.7 P. A1. ) yun/akti-, yuṅkt/e- (Epic also yuñjati-, te-;Ved. yojati-, te-; yuje-, yujmahe-,3. plural yujata- imperative yukṣv/a-; Potential yuñjīyāt- ; perfect tense yuy/oja-, yuyuj/e- etc. etc., 3. sg. yuyojate- ; Aorist Class. P. ayokṣīt-, ayaukṣīt-or ayujat-;Ved. also A1. /ayuji-;Ved. and Class. ayukṣi-, ayukta-; future yokt/ā- ; yokṣyati- ; te- etc.; infinitive mood yoktum- ; yuj/e- ; ind.p. yuktv/ā- etc.; yuktv/āya- ; -yujya- etc.), to yoke or join or fasten or harness (horses or a chariot) etc. ; to make ready, prepare, arrange, fit out, set to work, use, employ, apply ; to equip (an army) ; to offer, perform (prayers, a sacrifice) ; to put on (arrows on a bow-string) ; to fix in, insert, inject (semen) ; to appoint to, charge or intrust with (locative case or dative case) ; to command, enjoin ; to turn or direct or fix or concentrate (the mind, thoughts etc.) upon (locative case) etc. ; (P. A1.) to concentrate the mind in order to obtain union with the Universal Spirit, be absorbed in meditation (also with yogam-) etc. ; to recollect, recall ; to join, unite, connect, add, bring together etc. ( be attached, cleave to ) ; to confer, or bestow anything (accusative) upon (genitive case or locative case) (A1.with accusative,to become possessed of ;with ātmani-,to use for one's self, enjoy ) ; to bring into possession of, furnish or endow with (instrumental case) etc. ; to join one's self to (accusative) ; (in astronomy) to come into union or conjunction with (accusative) : Passive voice yujy/ate- (Epic also ti-; Aorist /ayoji-), to be yoked or harnessed or joined etc. etc. ; to attach one's self to (locative case) ; to be made ready or prepared for (dative case) ; to be united in marriage ; to be endowed with or possessed of (instrumental case with or without saha-) etc. ; (in astronomy) to come into conjunction with (instrumental case) ; to accrue to, fall to the lot of (genitive case) ; to be fit or proper or suitable or right, suit anything (instrumental case), be fitted for (locative case), belong to or suit any one (locative case or genitive case), deserve to be (Nominal verb) etc. ; (with na-) not to be fit or proper etc. for (instrumental case) or to (infinitive mood,also with pass. sense = "ought not to be") : Causal yojayati- (mc. also te-; Aorist ayūyujat-; Passive voice yojyate-), to harness, yoke with (instrumental case), put to (locative case) etc. ; to equip (an army), draw up (troops) etc. ; to use, employ, set to work, apply, undertake, carry on, perform, accomplish etc. ; to urge or impel to ; to lead towards, help to (locative case) ; to set (snares, nets etc.) ; to put or fix on (especially arrows) etc. ; to aim (arrows) at (locative case) ; to fasten on or in, attack, adjust, add, insert ; (with manas-, ātmānam-etc.) to direct the thoughts to, concentrate or fix the mind upon (locative case) ; to join, unite, connect, combine, bring or put together (also = write, compose) etc. ; to encompass, embrace ; to put in order, arrange, repair, restore ; to endow or furnish or provide with (instrumental case) etc. ; to mix (food) with (instrumental case) ; to confer anything upon (locative case) ; (in astronomy) to ascertain or know (jānāti-) the conjunction of the moon with an asterism (instrumental case) Va1rtt. 11 ; (A1.) to think little of, esteem lightly, despise in : Desiderative yuyukṣati-, to wish to harness or yoke or join etc. ; to wish to appoint or institute ; to wish to fix or aim (arrows) ; (A1.) to wish to be absorbed in meditation, devout : Intensive yoyujyate-, yoyujīti- or yoyokti- grammar ([ confer, compare Greek , ; Latin jungere,jugum; Lithuanian ju4ngus; Slavonic or Slavonian igo; Gothic juk; German joh,Joch; Anglo-Saxon geoc; English yoke.]) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
Macdonell Vedic Search
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yuj yoke yuj yoke, VII. yunákti: pf. yuyujé, x. 34, 11; rt. ao. áyugdhvam, i. 85, 4. prá- yoke in front, i. 85, 5.
Bloomfield Vedic
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yuje aśvāṃ ayukṣata RV.8.41.6e.
yuje rathaṃ gaveṣaṇaṃ haribhyām RV.7.23.3a; AVś.20.12.3a; MS.4.10.5a: 155.14; TB. P: yuje ratham MS.4.12.3: 185.6; 4.14.5: 221.11; TB.
yuje vāṃ brahma pūrvyaṃ namobhiḥ RV.10.13.1a; AVś.18.3.39b; VS.11.5a; TS.; MS.2.7.1a: 74.2; KS.15.11a; AB.1.29.2; śB.; śvetU.2.5a; Aś.4.9.4.
yuje samardham īm aham śś.4.18.1d. See under agnau saṃrādhanīṃ.
yuje svāhā MG.1.4.3; VārG.8.4.
udyuje svāhā # MG.1.4.3; VārG.8.4.
prayuje tvā svāhā # MG.1.10.11.
prayuje svāhā # MG.1.4.3; VārG.8.4. Cf. ākūtyai prayuje.
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