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viyamP. -yacchati- (3. plural perfect tense A1. -yemire- ), to spread out, extend ; to stretch out the legs, step out (as a running horse) ; to hold apart or asunder : Causal -yāmayati- to stretch out, extend View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
Macdonell Vedic Search
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yam yam extend, bestow, I. yácha, iv. 51, 10; v. 83, 5; pf. Ā. yemire submit to (dat.), iii. 59, 8; s ao.bestow on (dat.), ii. 35, 152. ádhi- extend to (dat.), i. 85, 12. á̄- guide to (lc.), root ao. inj. yamat, x. 14, 14. ní- bestow, iv. 50, 10. prá- present a share of (gen.), x. 15, 7. ví- extend to, i. 85, 12.
Bloomfield Vedic
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agne kāmāya yemire # RV.8.43.18c; VS.12.116c; TS.; KS.35.17c; TB.; Mś.
ād it te viśvā bhuvanāni yemire # RV.8.12.28c--30c.
ādityāś ca yemire # AVP.9.12.7b.
indre ha viśvā bhuvanāni yemire # RV.8.3.6c; AVś.20.118.4c; SV.2.938c.
imāni tubhyaṃ svasarāṇi yemire # RV.3.60.6c.
ud vaṃśam iva yemire (JB.1.189d, yāyimirāyi) # RV.1.10.1d; SV.1.342d; 2.694d; TS.; KB.24.7; JB.1.189d; 3.277d; N.5.5d. In Mahābh.12.284.78d changed to ūrdhvaṃ kham iva menire.
tanūṣu viśvā bhuvanā ni yemire # RV.10.56.5c.
tubhyam indra niyemire # RV.8.12.29b.
tubhyemā viśvā bhuvanāni yemire # RV.9.86.30d.
devā devāya yemire # RV.1.135.1e.
devās ta indra sakhyāya yemire # RV.8.89.2c; 98.3c; AVś.20.62.7c; SV.2.377c; VS.33.95c.
ni vṛkṣā iva yemire # RV.8.4.5d.
parvatāś cin ni yemire # RV.8.7.34c.
mahe śuṣmāya yemire # RV.8.7.5c.
mitrāya pañca yemire # RV.3.59.8a. Cf. BṛhD.4.123 (A).
yathā-yathā patayanto viyemire # RV.4.54.5c.
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