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vyathitum: Infinitivevyath
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√व्यथ्vyathbeing afraid / bhaya747/1Cl.1
√व्यथ्vyathtrembling / sañcalana1132/1Cl.1
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vyath cl.1 A1. () vy/athate- (Epic also ti-; perfect tense vivyathe-,3. plural thuḥ- ; Aorist vyathiṣi- ; subjunctive vyathiṣat- ; future vyathitā-, thiṣyate- grammar; infinitive mood vyathitum- , Vedic or Veda infinitive mood vyathiṣyai-), to tremble, waver, go astray, come to naught, fail etc. etc. (with ablative = to be deprived of lose;with caritra-tas-,to abandon the path of virtue) ; to fall (on the ground) ("to be dried up") ; to cease, become ineffective (as poison) ; to be agitated or disturbed in mind, be restless or sorrowful or unhappy etc. ; to be afraid of (genitive case) Causal vyath/ayati- (Aorist vivyathas- ; vyathayīs- ), to cause to tremble or fall etc. ; to cause to swerve from (ablative) ; to disquiet, frighten, agitate, pain, afflict etc.: Passive voice of Causal vyathyate-, to be set in restless motion : Desiderative vivyathiṣate- grammar : Intensive vāvyathyate-, vāvyatti- View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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vyath व्यथ् 1 Ā. (व्यथते, व्यथित) 1 To be sorry, to be pained, vexed or afflicted, be agitated or disquieted; विश्वंभरापि नाम व्यथते इति जितमपत्यस्नेहेन U.7; न विव्यथे तस्य मनः Ki. 1.2,24. -2 To be disturbed, be ruffled or agitated; व्यथितसिन्धुमनीरशनैः शनैः Ki.5.11. -3 To tremble; येषां न वृत्तं व्यथते न योनिश्चित्तप्रसादेन चरन्ति धर्मम् Mb.5.36.24. -4 To be afraid. -5 To dry, become dry. -Caus. (व्यथयति-ते) 1 To pain, distress, vex, annoy; तथा वृत्तं पापैर्व्यथयति यथा क्षालितमपि U.1.28. -2 To frustrate, mar. -3 To frighten, terrify. -4 To lead or turn away. -With प्र to be excessively vexed; दृष्ट्वाद्भुतं रूपमिदं तवोग्रं लोकत्रयं प्रव्यथितं महात्मन् Bg.11.2,45.
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vyath vyath waver, I. vyátha, vi. 54, 3.
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vyath verb (class 1 parasmaipada) to come to naught to fail to go astray to tremble to waver
Frequency rank 2031/72933
vyath noun (masculine) [gramm.] root vyath
Frequency rank 66819/72933

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