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vuctaddhita affix. affix अक applied optionally with the affixes घ and इल to the preposition उप when the whole word is used as the name of a man exempli gratia, for example उपक:; confer, compare Kāś. on P. V. 3.80.
vuckrt affix अक seen always with the feminine. affix अा applied to a root when the sense conveyed is ' a turn ' or ' a deserving thing ' or ' debt ' or ' occurrence;' e. g. भवतः शायिका, अर्हति भवान् इक्षुभक्षिकाम्, ओदनभोजिकां धारयसि, इक्षुभक्षिका उदपादि ; cf Kāśikā of Jayāditya and Vāmana. on P. III. 3.1 1 1.
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