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vrajitum: Infinitivevraj
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vraj cl.1 P. () vr/ajati- (mc. also te-; perfect tense vavr/āja- etc.; Aorist avrājīt- ; future vrajitā- grammar; vrajiṣyati- etc.; infinitive mood vrajitum- ; ind.p. vrajitvā-, -vr/ajya-, -vrājam- etc.), to go, walk, proceed, travel, wander, move (also applied to inanimate objects;with accusative or instrumental case of the road accusative of the distance, and accusative,rarely locative case or dative case,of the place or object gone to;with or scilicet padbhyām-,"to go on foot";with upānadbhyām- idem or ' wrong reading for vakṣas- ' literally"with shoes";with dhuryais-,"to travel by means of beasts of burden";with paramāṃgatim-,"to attain supreme bliss";with śaraṇam-and accusative,"to take refuge with";with mūrdhnā pādau-and genitive case,"to prostrate one's self at anyone's feet";with antam-and genitive case,"to come to the end of";with anyena-, anyatra-or anyatas-,"to go another way or elsewhere";with adhas-,either"to sink down [to hell]"or"to be digested [as food]";with punar-,"to return to life") etc. ; to go in order to, be going to (dative case infinitive mood or an adjective (cf. mfn.) ending in aka-[ exempli gratia, 'for example' bhojako vrajati-,"he is going to eat"]) ; to go to (a woman), have sexual intercourse with (accusative) ; to go against, attack (an enemy;also with vidviṣam-, dviṣato'bhimukham-, abhy-ari-etc.) ; to go away. depart from (ablative), go abroad, retire, withdraw, pass away (as time) etc. ; to undergo, go to any state or condition, obtain, attain to, become (especially with accusative of an abstract noun exempli gratia, 'for example' with vināśam-,"to go to destruction, become destroyed";with chattratām-,"to become a pupil";with nirvṛtim-,"to grow happy"[ see gam-, -etc.];with sukham-,"to feel well";with jīvan-,"to escape alive") : Causal or cl.10 P. () vrājayati-, to send, drive, ; to prepare, decorate : Desiderative vivrajiṣati- grammar : Intensive vāvrajate-, vāvrakti-, to go crookedly View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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