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"vraj" has 3 results.
        Root WordIAST MeaningMonier Williams PageClass
√व्रज्vrajgoing / gati347/3Cl.1
√व्रज्vrajtrimming, preparing / mārga-saṃskāra812/2, 1120/2Cl.10
√व्रज्vrajgoing / gati347/3Cl.10
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vraj cl.1 P. () vr/ajati- (mc. also te-; perfect tense vavr/āja- etc.; Aorist avrājīt- ; future vrajitā- grammar; vrajiṣyati- etc.; infinitive mood vrajitum- ; ind.p. vrajitvā-, -vr/ajya-, -vrājam- etc.), to go, walk, proceed, travel, wander, move (also applied to inanimate objects;with accusative or instrumental case of the road accusative of the distance, and accusative,rarely locative case or dative case,of the place or object gone to;with or scilicet padbhyām-,"to go on foot";with upānadbhyām- idem or ' wrong reading for vakṣas- ' literally"with shoes";with dhuryais-,"to travel by means of beasts of burden";with paramāṃgatim-,"to attain supreme bliss";with śaraṇam-and accusative,"to take refuge with";with mūrdhnā pādau-and genitive case,"to prostrate one's self at anyone's feet";with antam-and genitive case,"to come to the end of";with anyena-, anyatra-or anyatas-,"to go another way or elsewhere";with adhas-,either"to sink down [to hell]"or"to be digested [as food]";with punar-,"to return to life") etc. ; to go in order to, be going to (dative case infinitive mood or an adjective (cf. mfn.) ending in aka-[ exempli gratia, 'for example' bhojako vrajati-,"he is going to eat"]) ; to go to (a woman), have sexual intercourse with (accusative) ; to go against, attack (an enemy;also with vidviṣam-, dviṣato'bhimukham-, abhy-ari-etc.) ; to go away. depart from (ablative), go abroad, retire, withdraw, pass away (as time) etc. ; to undergo, go to any state or condition, obtain, attain to, become (especially with accusative of an abstract noun exempli gratia, 'for example' with vināśam-,"to go to destruction, become destroyed";with chattratām-,"to become a pupil";with nirvṛtim-,"to grow happy"[ see gam-, -etc.];with sukham-,"to feel well";with jīvan-,"to escape alive") : Causal or cl.10 P. () vrājayati-, to send, drive, ; to prepare, decorate : Desiderative vivrajiṣati- grammar : Intensive vāvrajate-, vāvrakti-, to go crookedly View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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vraj व्रज् I. 1 P. (व्रजत) 1 To go, walk, proceed; नाविनीतै- र्व्रजेद् धुर्यैः Ms.4.67. -2 To go to, approach, visit; मामेकं शरणं व्रज Bg.18.66. -3 To depart, retire, withdraw. -4 To pass away (as time); इयं व्रजति यमिनी त्यज नरेन्द्र निद्रारसम् Vikr.11.74. -5 To attain to, go to the state of. -6 To obtain, gain. -II. 1 U. (व्राजयति-ते) 1 To go. -2 To prepare, decorate. (This root is used much in the same way as गम् or या q. v.)
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vraj verb (class 1 ātmanepada) to attack (an enemy) to attain to to be going to to become (esp. with acc. of an abstract noun) to go to go abroad to go against to go away to go in order to to go to (a woman) to go to any state or condition to have sexual intercourse with (acc.) to move to obtain to pass away (as time) to proceed to retire to travel to undergo to walk to wander to withdraw
Frequency rank 628/72933
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aṭ, paryaṭ, car, parivraj, vraj, vicar, hiṇḍ, anvāhiṇḍ, upāhiṇḍ, pracar, prayā, viparivṛt, vipratipad, saṃkram, saṅkram, saṃyā, pratipad, dram   

prayojanam uddiśya itastataḥ gamanānukūlaḥ vyāpāraḥ।

udyogam anveṣṭuṃ śyāmaḥ aṭati।


kāmaya, sev, upasev, niṣev, āsev, gam, ācar, upaśī, praviś, ram, mithunāya, vraj, śī, saṃniviś, samabhigam, samupe, vicar, yabh, ratyā saṃyuj, grāmyadharmatayā saṃyuj, sākaṃ saṃram, saṃviś, saṃsṛj   

strīpuṃsayoḥ anyonyasaṃyogānukūlaḥ vyāpāraḥ।

saḥ gaṇikāṃ kāmayate।

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