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viyanti: third person plural present present class 2 parasmaipada
viyanti: neuter accusative plural stem: viyat.
viyanti: neuter nominative plural stem: viyat.
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( vi-- 5 i-) P. vy-eti- (3. plural viyanti-; imperfect tense vy-ait-; perfect tense yāya-; infinitive mood vy-etum-;for vyayati-, vyayayati-See vyay-), to go apart or in different directions, diverge, be diffused or scattered or distributed or divided or extended etc. ; to be lost, perish, disappear etc. ; to go through, traverse : Intensive (or cl.4. A1.) yate-, to pass through, traverse
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viyanti deterioratesSB 1.16.26-30
viyanti they are separatedSB 11.17.53
viyanti they disappearSB 11.29.15

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