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vittamayamf(ī-)n. consisting in wealth View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
vasuvittamamfn. one who bestows great wealth View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
Bloomfield Vedic
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adarśi gātuvittamaḥ # RV.8.103.1a; SV.1.47a; 2.865a; JB.2.148; PB.17.1.11; Aś.4.13.7; Mś. Ps: adarśi gātu (comm. gātuvittama ity etat sāma) Lś.4.10.4; adarśi śś.6.4.7.
ayaṃ no vasuvittamaḥ # Kauś.89.13b. See under ayaṃ no bhaga-.
asmabhyaṃ vasuvittamam # VS.3.38b; śB.; Aś.2.5.12b; śś.2.15.2b.
asmabhyaṃ gātuvittamāḥ (RV.9.106.6a, -maḥ) # RV.9.101.10b; 106.6a; SV.1.548b; 2.451b; JB.3.163b.
ud it te vasuvittamāḥ # Apś.13.21.3a. See ud u tye madhumattamāḥ.
kratuvid gātuvittamaḥ # RV.9.44.6b.
gārhapatyaḥ prajāyā (VSK. prajāvān) vasuvittamaḥ # VS.3.39b; VSK.3.4.3b; śB.; Aś.2.5.12b. See gārhapatyāt.
gārhapatyāt prajāyā vasuvittamaḥ # śś.2.15.5b. See gārhapatyaḥ prajāyā.
dadhire vasuvittamam # RV.1.45.7b.
bharatā vasuvittamam # RV.6.16.41b; TS.; MS.4.10.3b: 148.9; KS.15.12b; AB.1.16.20.
yad ādarśi gātuvittamaḥ # JB.2.148 (so the edition). Perhaps the word yad is not part of the mantra, and three mss. readings point to adarśi. See adarśi gātuvittamaḥ.
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vittama adjective am meisten wissend
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