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vindate: third person singular present present class 6 ātmanepadavid
vindate: third person plural present present class 7 ātmanepadavid
vindate: neuter dative singular stem: vindat.
vindate: masculine dative singular stem: vindat.
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abhividto find, obtain : A1. (3. plural -vindate-) to know View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
saṃvidA1. (see ) -vindate- (parasmE-pada -vidān/a- q.v), to find, obtain, acquire ; to meet with (instrumental case), be joined or united to : Passive voice -vidyate-, to be found or obtained, be there, exist : Intensive See -v/evidāna- below. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
śvind (connected with śvit-) cl.1. () śvindate- (only perfect tense śiśvinde-), to be white ; to be cold [ confer, compare Lithuanian szvintu4.] View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
vid (originally identical with1. vid-) cl.6 P. A1. () vind/ati-, te- (Vedic or Veda also vitt/e-, vid/e-; parasmE-pada vidān/a-or vidāna-[ q.v ]; Epic 3. plural vindate- Potential vindyāt-,often equals vidyāt-; perfect tense viv/eda-[3. plural vividus- subjunctive vividat-], vividv/as-,3. plural vividre-, vidr/e- etc.; parasmE-pada vividv/as- ; vividivas- ; Aorist /avidat-, data- [ Vedic or Veda subjunctive vid/āsi-, d/āt-; Potential vid/et-, deta- ;3. sg. videṣṭa- ]; A1.1. sg. avitsi- ; future vettā-, vediṣyati- grammar; vetsyati-, te- etc.; infinitive mood vid/e- ; vettum- etc.; v/ettave- ; ttavai-[?] and tos- ; ind.p. vittv/ā- ; -vidya- etc.) , to find, discover, meet or fall in with, obtain, get, acquire, partake of, possess etc. etc. (with diśas-,to find out the quarters of she sky ) ; to get or procure for (dative case) ; to seek out, look for, attend to etc. ; to feel, experience ; to consider as, take for (two accusative) ; to come upon, befall, seize, visit ; to contrive, accomplish, perform, effect, produce ; (A1. mc. also P.) to take to wife, marry (with or scilicet bhāryām-) etc. ; to find (a husband), marry (said of a woman) ; to obtain (a son, with or scilicet sutam-) : Passive voice or A1. vidy/ate- (Epic also ti-; parasmE-pada vidyamāna-[ q.v ]; Aorist avedi-), to be found, exist, be etc. ; (especially in later language) vidyate-,"there is, there exists", often with na-,"there is not" ; with bhoktum-,"there is something to eat" ; followed by a future ,"is it possible that?" ; yathā-vid/e-,"as it happens" id est "as usual","as well as possible" : Causal vedayati-, to cause to find etc. : Desiderative vividiṣati- or vivitsati-, te- grammar (see vivitsita-): Intensive vevidyate-, vevetti- (for parasmE-pada v/evidat-and dāna-See vi--and saṃvid-).
vindh A1. vindhate- See 2. vidh-. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
Bloomfield Vedic
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anyeṣāṃ vindate (JG. vinda te) vasu (SMB.JG. vasu, or dhanam) AVś.14.2.8d; SMB.2.4.1d; ApMB.1.6.11d; JG.1.1d.
athānyaṃ vindate 'param AVś.9.5.27b; AVP.8.19.10b.
prathamo vindate vasu RV.6.54.4c.
uttiṣṭhan vindate śriyam śś.15.19c.
yuvānaṃ vindate patim AVś.11.5.18b.
amṛtatvaṃ ca vindate # śś.15.17b. See prec.
utāpṛṇan marḍitāraṃ na vindate # RV.10.117.1d. Cf. uto cit sa.
uto cit sa marḍitāraṃ na vindate # RV.10.117.2d. Cf. utāpṛṇan.
upavidā vahnir vindate vasu # RV.8.23.3c.
ṛte sa vindate yudhaḥ # RV.8.27.17a.
kiṃ svit putreṇa vindate # AB.7.13.2c; śś.15.17c.
tvayā juṣṭaś citraṃ vindate vasu # TA.10.39.1c; MahānU.16.4c.
na duṣṭutī martyo vindate vasu # RV.7.32.21a. See prec.
na nāthito vindate marḍitāram # RV.10.34.3b.
nidātāraṃ na vindate # RV.8.72.5b.
pumān putro jāyate vindate vasu # VS.8.5c; TS.
mogham annaṃ vindate apracetāḥ # RV.10.117.6a; TB.; śG.2.14.26. Cf. BṛhD.1.49, and Mahābh.5.12.20.
yac ca vas tena vindate # AVś.12.2.36b.
yayā saṃvindate patim # RV.10.145.1d; AVś.3.18.1d; ApMB.1.15.1d.
kanyā vindate patim # AVś.14.2.22d.
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