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vijati: third person singular present present class 6 parasmaipadavij
vijati: neuter locative singular stem: vijat.
vijati: masculine locative singular stem: vijat.
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udvijA1. -vijate- (rarely -vejate-in ) P. -vijati- (rarely) , to gush or spring upwards ; to be agitated, grieved or afflicted ; to shudder, tremble, start ; to fear, be afraid of (with genitive case ablative or instrumental case) etc. ; to shrink from, recede, leave off ; to frighten : Causal P. -vejayati-, to frighten, terrify, intimidate etc. ; to cause to shudder ; to revive a fainting person (by sprinkling water) ; to tease, molest View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
upavījP. -vījati-, to blow upon, fan : Causal P. -vījayati-, to fan commentator or commentary on View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
vij (confer, compare vic-) cl.6 A1. vij/ate- (mc. also vijati-and vejate-,and according to to also cl.1 P. vinakti-,and cl.3 P. A1. vevekti-, vevikte-; perfect tense vivije-,3. plural jre- ; Aorist vikthās-, vikta- ; avijīt-, avijiṣṭa- grammar; future vijitā- ; vijiṣyati- ; vejiṣyati- ; infinitive mood vijitum- grammar), to move with a quick darting motion, speed, heave (said of waves) ; to start back, recoil, flee from (ablative) : Causal vejayati- (Aorist avīvijat-), to speed, accelerate ; to increase (See vejita-) ; to terrify (See idem or ' cl.10 P. () vicchayati-, to speak or to shine ; vicchāy/ati- (; see ), to go (with ny-ā-,to press or rub one's self against): Causal vicchāy/ayati-, to press, bring into straits (perhaps ) .'): Desiderative vivijiṣati- grammar : Intensive vevijy/ate- (parasmE-pada v/evijāna-), to tremble at (dative case), start or flee from (ablative) [ confer, compare German wi7chen,weichen; Anglo-Saxon wi7kan; English vigorous;weak.] View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
vīj (see 1. vij-) cl.1 P. A1. vījati-, te- (perfect tense vivyajuḥ-), to fan, cool by blowing upon or fanning, ; to sprinkle with water (according to only A1."to go"): Causal or cl.10. (), vījayati- (Passive voice vījyate-), to fan, blow, kindle (fire) etc. ; to stroke, caress View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.

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