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tredhā viṣṇur urugāyo vicakrame # TB. Cf. trīṇy eka.
ya ekam ojas tredhā vicakrame (AVP. vicakre) # AVś.1.12.1d; AVP.1.17.1d.
yato viṣṇur vicakrame # RV.1.22.16b; SV.2.1024b.
yasmai viṣṇus trīṇi padā vicakrame # RV.8.52 (Vāl.4).3c.
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vicakrame coveredSB 8.20.32-33
vicakrame exists comprehensivelySB 2.6.21
vicakrame surpassedSB 2.7.17
vicakrame tried to get outSB 8.2.27
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