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"vic" has 1 results.
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√विच्vicseparating, discriminating / pṛthag-bhāva646/1Cl.7
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vic (confer, compare vij-) cl.7 P. A1. () vin/akti-, viṅkte- (2. sg. vivekṣi- ; perfect tense viveca- , parasmE-pada vivikv/as- Aorist avaikṣīt- grammar; future vektā-, vekṣyati- ; infinitive mood vektum- ; indeclinable -vicya-. -vecam- ), to sift, separate (especially grain from chaff by winnowing) ; to separate from, deprive of (instrumental case) ; to discriminate, discern, judge : Passive voice vicy/ate- (Aorist aveci-) etc.: Causal -vecayati- (Aorist avīvicat-) See vi-vic-: Desiderative vivikṣati- grammar : Intensive (or cl.3. See ) vevekti- [ confer, compare Greek ; Latin vicesetc.]
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vic विच् 3, 7 U. (वेवेक्ति, वेविक्ते, विनक्ति, विङ्क्ते, विक्त) 1 To separate, divide, sever. -2 To discriminate, distinguish, discern; प्र मे विविकाँ अविदन् मनीषाम् Ṛv.3.57.1. -3 To deprive of, remove from (with instr.); शशास स बहून् योधान् जीवितेन विवेच च Bk.14.13.
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"vic" has 1 results.
vickrt affix वि (which also becomes nil or zero) applied to a root in the sense of an agent, as observed in Vedic and classical use, as also to the root यज् with उप and roots ending in अा generally in Vedic Literature but sometimes in popu1ar language; confer, compare विजुपे छन्दसि । आतो मनिन्कनिबवनिपश्च। अन्येभ्योपि दृश्यन्ते | कीलालपाः, शुभ्ंयाः et cetera, and others Kas on P. III. 2.73, 74, 75.

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