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vedhase: masculine dative singular stem: vedhas
vedhase: neuter dative singular stem: vedhas
vedhase: feminine dative singular stem: vedhas
Bloomfield Vedic
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pra vedhase kavaye vedyāya (TB.Apśṃś. medhyāya) RV.5.15.1a; KS.7.12a; TB.; Apś.5.5.8a; Mś. P: pra vedhase kavaye Aś.4.13.7. See śrutkarṇāya, and cf. avocāma kavaye.
arca gāya ca vedhase # RV.6.16.22c; KS.7.16c.
avocāma kavaye medhyāya # RV.5.1.12a; VS.15.25a; TS.; MS.2.13.7a: 155.16. Cf. under pra vedhase.
aṣāḍhāya sahamānāya vedhase (TB. mīḍhuṣe) # RV.2.21.2b; 7.46.1c; TB.;; N.10.6c.
kīlālape somapṛṣṭhāya vedhase # RV.10.91.14c; VS.20.78c; MS.3.11.4c: 146.14; KS.38.9c; TB.; Apś.19.3.2c.
dakṣo viśvāyur vedhase # RV.10.144.1c.
pra punānāya vedhase # RV.9.103.1a; SV.1.573a.
yaḥ pūrvyāya vedhase navīyase # RV.1.156.2a; TB. P: yaḥ pūrvyāya śś.5.11.7.
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vedhase the compiler of the Vedic literaturesSB 2.4.24
vedhase the creatorSB 10.85.39
SB 12.12.1
vedhase the creator of everythingSB 9.19.29
vedhase unto Lord BrahmāSB 8.24.57
vedhase unto the cause of all causesSB 4.17.33
vedhase unto the origin of creationSB 10.10.33
vedhase who are full of knowledgeSB 8.17.26
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