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nivṛtA1. -vartate- (ind.p. -vṛtya- ;infin. -vartitum- ;rarely P. exempli gratia, 'for example' Potential -vartet- ; imperfect tense or subj. -vartat- ; perfect tense -vāvṛtur- ; future -vartiṣyati- ; -vartsyan- ; Aorist -avṛtat- ), to turn back, stop (trans. and intrans.) etc. ; to return from (ablative) to (accusative with or without prati-,or dative case) ; to return into life, revive, be born again etc. ; to turn away, retreat, flee, escape, abstain or desist from, get rid of (ablative) ; to fall back, rebound ; to leave off (sāmi-,in the midst or when anything is half finished ), cease, end, disappear, vanish etc. ; to be withheld from, not belong to (ablative) ; to be omitted, not to occur ; to be ineffective or useless ; to be wanting, not to exist (yato vāco nivartante-,for which there are no words) ; to pass over to (locative case) ; to be turned upon (locative case or tatra-) : Causal -vartayati-, te- (A1. Potential -vartayīta- ; Passive voice -vartyate- ), to turn downwards, let sink (the head) ; to turn back id est shorten (the hair) ; to lead or bring back, reconduct, return etc. ; to turn away, avert or keep back from (ablative) etc. ; to give up, abandon, suppress, withhold, refuse, deny ; to annul, remove, destroy ; to bring to an end id est perform, accomplish (a sacrifice etc.) ; to procure, bestow ; to desist from (ablative) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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