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vartayate: third person singular present causative present class ātmanepadavṛt
vartayate: neuter dative singular causative stem: vartayat.
vartayate: masculine dative singular causative stem: vartayat.
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anuvivṛtto run along : Causal A1. -vartayate-, to follow hastily View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
āvṛtP. (only perfect tense in , -vav/arta-) A1. -vartate- (Aorist 3. sg. vṛtsata- ; infinitive mood -v/ṛte- ) to turn or draw round or back or near ; to turn or go towards ; to turn round or back, return, revolve etc.: Causal P. -vartayati- (Ved. subjunctive -vav/artati- Potential -vavṛtyāt-,etc.) A1. -vartayate- (Ved. Potential -vavṛtīta-,etc.) to cause to turn, roll ; to draw or turn towards ; to lead near or towards ; to bring back ; to turn round or back etc. ; to repeat, recite, say repeatedly ; to pray etc.: Intensive -varīvartti- , to move quickly or repeatedly. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
parivṛtA1. -vartate- (Epic also ti-; ind.p. -vṛtya-,or parī-vartam-), to turn round, revolve, move in a circle or to and fro, roll or wheel or wander about, circumambulate (accusative) etc. ; (with hṛdi-or hṛdaye-) to run in a person's mind ; to return, go or come back to (accusative) ; to be reborn in (locative case) ; (also with anyathā-) to change, turn out different ; to abide, stay, remain etc. ; to act, proceed, behave : Causal -vartayati-, to cause to turn or move round or back or to and fro etc. ; (A1.) to roll or bring near (subjunctive -vartayāte-) ; to overthrow, upset (a carriage) ; to invert, put in a reverse order (read -vartya-for -vṛtya-) ; to change, barter, exchange etc. ; to renew (an agreement) ; to understand or explain wrongly (words etc.) ; to turn topsy-turvy id est search thoroughly ; to destroy, annihilate ; to straiten, contract ; (A1.) to cause one's self to be turned round (in having one's head shaved all round) (see -vartana-): Intensive -v/avartti-, to turn (intrans.) continually View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
upavṛtA1. -vartate-, to step or walk upon ; to move or come near, approach, fall to ; to return: Causal A1. -vartayate-, to cause to move up ; to stroke upwards ; to cause to recover View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
Bloomfield Vedic
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indro vartayate ratham AVP.13.3.1b; 13.4.1b.
purū sahasrā pari vartayāte # RV.5.37.3d.
prati bravāṇi vartayate aśru # RV.10.95.13a.
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