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vivṛtA1. -vartate- (rarely P.), to turn round, revolve ; to roll, wallow ; to writhe in convulsions, struggle ; to turn hither and thither, move about (as clouds) (varia lectio vi-vardhante-) ; to turn back or away, depart, part, sever etc. ; to go astray (varia lectio ni-vartantam-) ; to be parted (as hair) ; to change one's place ; to go down, set (as the sun) ; to come forth from (ablative) ; to expand, develop ; (with antikam-), to turn upon, set upon, attack : Causal -vartayati-, to turn round (trans.), turn, roll ; to turn, make or produce by turning ("out of" instrumental case) ; to cause to turn away, remove, withdraw ; to keep asunder ; to leave behind ; to cast off (a garment) ; to accomplish, execute View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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punar etā ni vartantām # RV.10.19.3a.
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