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vaiklavan. (fr. vi-klava-) bewilderment, despondency View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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vaikrāntam वैक्रान्तम् A kind of gem. वैक्लवम् vaiklavam वैक्लव्यम् vaiklavyam वैक्लवम् वैक्लव्यम् 1 Confusion, agitation, bewilderment; despondency; Mb.3.16.34. -2 Commotion, tumult. -3 Affliction, distress, grief; वैक्लव्यं मम तावदी- दृशमिदं स्नेहादरण्यौकसः Ś.4.6; Ve.5; Mk.3; Māl.8.
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vaiklava n. [viklava] bewilderment; despondency; -ya, n. id.; frailty, feebleness; mental weakness.
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