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vadhyate: feminine nominative dual stem: vadhyatā
vadhyate: feminine accusative dual stem: vadhyatā
vadhyate: feminine vocative dual stem: vadhyatā
vadhyate: feminine vocative singular stem: vadhyatā
vadhyate: third person singular passive system present class vadh
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vadh (also written badh-; confer, compare bādh-;properly only used in the Aorist and preceding tenses avadhīt-and dhiṣṭa-; vadhyāt-and vadhiṣīṣṭa- ;the other tenses being supplied by han-; confer, compare ;but in Vedic or Veda and Epic poetry also present tense vadhati-; Potential vadhet-; future vadhiṣyati-, te-;other Vedic or Veda forms are Aorist avadhīm-, v/ahīm- subjunctive vadhiṣaḥ-; badhīḥ- ; preceding badhyāsam-, suḥ- ), to strike, slay, kill, murder, defeat, destroy etc. etc.: Passive voice vadhyate-, ti- (Aorist avadhi-), to be slain or killed : Causal vadhayati-, to kill, slay [a. Greek .] View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.

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