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utpavanam उत्पवनम् 1 Cleansing, purifying; द्रव्याणां च्चै व सर्वेषां शुद्धिरुत्पवनं स्मृतम् Ms.5.115. -2 Straining liquids for domestic or religious purposes. -3 Any instrument for cleansing. -4 Sprinkling ghee (or other fluids) on the sacrificial fire with two blades of Kuśa grass, the ends of which are held in either hand and the centre dipped into the liquid; अप्रच्छिन्नाग्रावनन्तर्गर्भौ प्रादेश- मात्रौ कुशौ नानान्तयोर्गृहीत्वा अङ्गुष्ठोपकनिष्ठिकाभ्यामुत्तानाभ्यां प्रागुत्पु- नाति सकृन्मन्त्रेण द्विस्तूष्णीम् Āśval.
utpavanam उत्पवनम् See under उत्पू.
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