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upasthitam appearanceSB 1.13.13
upasthitam arrived by chanceSB 9.21.2
upasthitam situated before himSB 7.3.24
upasthitam the present situationSB 8.7.37
samupasthitam presentBG 1.28
samupasthitam arrivedBG 2.2
samupasthitam present beforeSB 2.9.19
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āgataḥ, āgatā, āgatam, samāyātaḥ, samāyātam, samāyātā, upasthitaḥ, upasthitā, upasthitam, prāptaḥ, prāptam, prāptā   

yaḥ samyag āyātaḥ।

gṛhe atithiḥ āgataḥ।

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