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upapatim. a paramour, gallant View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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upapati उपपतिः [उपमितः पत्या, उप गौणः पतिः] A paramour; उपपतिरिव नीचेः पश्चिमान्तेन चन्द्रः Ś.11.65,15.63; Ms. 3.155;4.216,217; Vāj.3.9.
upapatita उपपतित a. One guilty of an उपपातक i. e. a minor sin (Dānasāgara, Bibliotheca Indica 274, Fascicule I, P.3.
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upapati m. paramour, adulterer.
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upapati ‘the gallant,’ is mentioned with the Jāra, ‘lover,’ in the Vājasaneyi Samhitā[1] as a victim in the human sacrifice (purusamedha).
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tvaṣṭā paśūnāṃ mithunānāṃ rūpakṛd rūpapatiḥ rūpeṇāsmin yajñe yajamānāya paśūn dadātu svāhā # TB. See tvaṣṭā rūpāṇāṃ rūpakṛd.
tvaṣṭā rūpāṇāṃ rūpakṛd rūpapatī rūpeṇa paśūn asmin yajñe mayi dadhātu svāhā # śB.; Kś.5.13.1. See tvaṣṭā paśūnāṃ, and cf. tvaṣṭā yunaktu.
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upapati of a paramourCC Adi 4.29
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upapati noun (masculine) a paramour (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
gallant (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))

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