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unmad(ud-mad-) P. -mādyati-, to become disordered in intellect or distracted, be or become mad or furious : Causal -madayati-, or -mādayati-, to excite, agitate (See also /un-madita-) ; to make furious or drunk, inebriate, madden : (see un-mand-,next page.) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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unmad उन्मद् 4 P. 1 To be or become mad. -2 To delight, gratify. -Caus. (˚न्म-न्मा-दयति) 1 To madden, inebriate, render drunk (lit. and fig.); लक्ष्म्योन्मादिताः K.17; Ki.4.16. -2 To excite, agitate; उन्मादयत मरुत उदन्तरिक्ष मादय Av.6.13.4.
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unmad verb (class 4 ātmanepada) to be or become mad or furious (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
to become disordered in intellect or distracted (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
to rut
Frequency rank 2415/72933
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mad, unmad, pramad, mand, sammad, sammand   

mādakadravyasevanapariṇatyanukūlaḥ vyāpāraḥ।

surāpānena mādyati।


unmad, dṛp, vyāmuh   

hatabuddhyanukūlaḥ vyāpāraḥ।

sākṣāt gṛhaṃ dhvastam ataḥ saḥ unmādyati।

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