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udvartanam उद्वर्तनम् 1 Going up, rising. -2 Springing up, growth (of plants, grain &c.) -3 Prosperity, elevation. -4 Turning from side to side; springing up, popping the head; चटुलशफरोद्वर्तनप्रेक्षितानि Me.42. -5 Grinding, pounding. -6 Drawing out metal, wire-drawing. -7 Anointing, smearing; करोद्वर्तनार्थे चन्दनं समर्पयामि; cf. also सायण's commentary on the Śatapaṭha Brāhmaṇa - सर्वसुरभिचन्दनादि उन्मर्दनं उद्वर्तनं यजमानस्य भवति । -8 Particularly, rubbing and cleaning the body with perfumes or fragrant unguents, or the unguents used for this purpose or to relieve pain; नाक्रामेद्रक्तविण्मूत्रष्ठीवनोद्वर्तनादि च Y.1.152; Ms.4.132 (अभ्य- ङ्गमलापकर्षणपिष्टकादि Kull.). In this connection the meaning 'vomiting' seems appropriate, along with other filthy objects; cf. उद्वृत्त = vomited. -9 Bad behaviour or conduct, rudeness.
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