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udumbara: masculine vocative singular stem: udumbara
udumbara: neuter vocative singular stem: udumbara
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makūlakaḥMasculineSingularnikumbhaḥ, dantikā, pratyakśreṇī, udumbaraparṇī
rītiḥ2.9.98FeminineSingular‍śulbam, mlecchamukham, dvyaṣṭam, variṣṭham, udumbaram
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udumbaramn. Vedic or Veda for uḍumbara- q.v , the tree Ficus Glomerata. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
udumbaraa toothpick made of udumbara- wood, View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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udumbara m. glomerous fig-tree; its fruit.
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udumbara This name of the Ficus glomerata does not occur in the Rigveda, but is often found from the Atharvaveda onwards. For ritual purposes of all kinds its wood was constantly used. The sacrificial post (yūpa) and the sacrificial ladle were made of it, and amulets of Udumbara are mentioned. Its wood, like that of other kinds of figtree— Aśvattha, Nyagrodha, and Plaksa—was considered suitable for employment at the sacrifice. The sweetness of its fruit is referred to in the Aitareya Brāhmana,® where it is put on the same level as Madhu. It is there also spoken of as ripening three times a year. A forest of Udumbara trees is mentioned in the Pañcavimśa Brāhmana.
Bloomfield Vedic
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udumbara ūrjā TS.; KSA.4.1.
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udumbara noun (masculine neuter) 1 karṣa a kind of mahākuṣṭha copper Ficus carica Linn. (G.J. Meulenbeld (1974), 529) Ficus gibbosa Blume (G.J. Meulenbeld (1974), 529) Ficus glomerata Roxb. (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
Ficus infectoria Roxb. (G.J. Meulenbeld (1974), 529) Ficus racemosa Wall.; der Wilde Feigenbaum (Surapāla (1988), 86) [medic.] a class of worms
Frequency rank 3302/72933


Plant cluster fig tree, Ficus racemosa, F. glomerata, F. hispida.

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