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hanta3.3.252MasculineSingularanekaḥ, ubhaya
ūrarī3.3.262MasculineSingularabhimukham, samīpam, ubhayataḥ, śīghram, sākalyam
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ubhayamf(ī-)n. (only sg. and plural; according to hara-datta- also dual number See ) both, of both kinds, in both ways, in both manners etc. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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ubhaya उभय pron. a. (-यी f.) (Though dual in sense, it is used in the singular and plural only; according to some grammarians in the dual also) Both (of persons or things); यस्तद्वेदोभयं सह Īśa. Up.11 उभयमप्यपरितोषं समर्थये Ś.7; उभयमानशिरे वसुधाधिपाः R.9.9; उभयीं सिद्धिमुभाववापतुः 8. 23.17.38; Amaru.6; Ku.7.78; Ms.2.55,4.224,9.34, -Comp. -अन्वयिन् a. Tending towards both, keeping connection with both. -अलंकारः (in Rhet.) A figure of speech, which sets off both the sense and sound. -अर्थम् ind. for a double object (for earthly prosperity and heavenly happiness also). -आत्मक a. belonging to both. -चर a. living in water and on land or in the air, amphibious. Mātaṅga L.1.28. (-रः) a class of birds who live both on land and in the air. -च्छन्ना (in Rhet.) A kind of enigma. -द्युः ind. 1 on both days. -2 the day past and to come. -पदिन् a. Having both Parasmai and Atmane pada. -भागहर a. 1 applicable to two objects. -2 taking two shares. (-रम्) a medicine that acts in two ways (both as an emetic and a purgative). -मुख a. two faced; a pregnant female. -विद्या two-fold sciences; i. e. religious knowledge and knowledge about worldly affairs. -विध a. of both kinds. -विपुला f. N. f a metre. -विभ्रष्ट a. losing both कच्चिन्नोभयविभ्रष्टः Bg.6.38. -वेतन a. receiving wages from both (parties), serving two masters, treacherous, perfidious; उभयवेतनो भूत्वा Pt.1; Śi.2.113. Kau.A.1.16. -व्यञ्जन a. having the marks of both sexes, hermaphrodite. -संभवः a. dilemma. -स्नातक a. one who has performed the prescribed ablutions after finishing both his time of studying and his vow. See Kullūka on Ms.4.31.
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ubhaya ubhá-ya, a. pl. both, ii. 12, 8.
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ubhaya a. (î) sg. & pl. both; -kâma, a. desirous of both; -guna, a. having both qua lities; -kakravartin, a. ruling both worlds.
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ubhaya bothBG 6.38
SB 1.9.26
SB 10.1.1
SB 10.71.3
SB 10.80.4
SB 2.10.27
SB 2.10.28
SB 2.9.8
ubhaya by bothSB 11.24.16
ubhaya for both of themSB 2.6.21
ubhaya from both (good fortune in this world and in the next)SB 10.60.48
ubhaya from both of themSB 11.19.40-45
ubhaya in bothSB 3.25.39-40
ubhaya of bothSB 10.87.31
SB 11.23.9
SB 2.10.8
ubhaya of both (enjoyment and liberation)SB 11.27.25-26
ubhaya of both (the real and illusion)SB 10.87.36
ubhaya of both (the seen nature and the jīva who is its seer)SB 11.22.19
ubhaya on both sidesSB 5.21.2
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ubhaya adjective both (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
in both manners (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
in both ways (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
of both kinds (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))

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