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trita: masculine vocative singular stem: trita
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tritam. "third"(), Name of a Vedic deity (associated with the marut-s, vāyu-, and indra-;fighting like the latter with tvāṣṭra-, vṛtra-, and other demons;called āptya- [ q.v ],"water-deity", and supposed to reside in the remotest regions of the world, whence[ ]the idea of wishing to remove calamity to tvāṣṭra-, and the view of the trita-s being the keepers of nectar[ ] , similarly [ ]the notion of trita-'s bestowing long life;also conceived as an inferior deity conquering the demons by order and with the help of indra-[ ];fallen into a well he begged aid from the gods [ ];as to this last myth on relates that 3 ṛṣi-s, ekata-, dvita-, and trita-, parched with thirst, looked about and found a well, and when tvāṣṭra- began to draw water, the other two, desirous of his property, pushed him down and closed up the well with a wheel;shut up there, tvāṣṭra- composed a hymn to the gods, and managed miraculously to prepare the sacrificial soma-, that he might drink it himself, or offer it to the deities and so be extricated: this is alluded to in [ confer, compare ] and described in ;also makes him a ṛṣi-, and he is the supposed author of ;in epic legends[ ] ekata-, dvita-, and tvāṣṭra- are described as 3 brothers, sons of gautama- or of prajā-pati- or brahmā-;elsewhere tvāṣṭra- is one of the 12 sons of manu- cākṣuṣa- by naḍvalā- ; confer, compare traitan/a-; Zend Thrita;, , etc.) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
tritan. triplet of young (three-twin) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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trita m. N. of a Vedic god, Third form of Agni (probably lightning), connected with Indra and the winds, represented as engaged in combat with meteoric demons; his dwelling-place is remote and hidden, and he is called Âptya, son of the waters (=clouds); N. of various Rishis: pl. a class of gods.
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trita Is clearly a god in Vedic literature, but Yāska in one passage of the Nirukta already explains the name as that of a Rsi or seer.
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trita ṛbhukṣāḥ savitā cano dadhe RV.2.31.6c.
trita etan manuṣyeṣu māmṛje TB. See under kṛta enaṃ.
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trita noun (masculine) name of a Vedic deity (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
name of a Ṛṣi
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