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tarvanwrong pronunciation for tad-van- on Introd. Va1rtt. 9. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
śrutarvanmfn. Name of a man (having the patronymic ārkṣa-) (see śrautarvaṇa-). View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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lopā लोपा लोपामुद्रा N. of a daughter of the king of Vidarbha and wife of the sage Agastya. [She is said to have been formed by the sage himself from the most beautiful parts of different animals so as to have a wife after his own heart, and then secretly introduced into the palace of the king of Vidarbha where she grew up as his daughter. She was afterwards married by Agastya. He was asked by her to acquire immense riches before he thought of having any connection with her. The sage accordingly first went to king Śrutarvan, and from him to several other persons till he went to the rich demon Ilvala and, having conquered him, got immense wealth from him and satisfisfied his wife.]
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ahaṃ randhayaṃ mṛgayaṃ śrutarvaṇe # RV.10.49.5a.
pumān antarvān sthaviraḥ payasvān # AVś.9.4.3a.
ya sma śrutarvann ārkṣye # SV.1.89c. See yasya śrutarvā.
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