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tapasi: feminine locative singular stem: tapas
tapasi: neuter locative singular stem: tapas
tapasi: masculine locative singular stem: tapas
tapasi: second person singular present present class 1 parasmaipadatap
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kumāraśramaṇāf. equals -tāpasī- gaRa śramaṇādi-. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
prabhāvatīf. of a tāpasī- View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
upatapP. -tapati- (parasmE-pada -t/apat-See column 3) to make warm, heat ; to afflict (as an illness;with genitive case or accusative of the afflicted person) ; to feel pain, become sick : Passive voice -tapyate-, to be made warm or heated ; (with tapas-) to undergo bodily mortification ; to be afflicted with pain, be tormented, feel pain, become ill etc.: Causal -tāpayati- (Aorist subjunctive 2. sg. -tītapāsi- ) to ignite, burn, consume ; to cause pain, mortify, torment, hurt, oppress commentator or commentary on
Bloomfield Vedic
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tapasi krāntaṃ salilasya pṛṣṭhe AVś.10.7.38b.
tapasi juhomi (Mś. adds svāhā) TA.3.6.1; Mś.
tapasi sarvaṃ pratiṣṭhitam TA.10.63.1d; MahānU.22.1d.
Vedabase Search
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tapasi and austeritySB 12.3.27
tapasi austeritySB 4.23.4
tapasi for austeritiesSB 4.1.17
tapasi in austeritiesSB 4.24.19
tapasi in penanceBG 17.26-27
SB 2.9.7
SB 3.21.45-47
SB 3.9.38
tapasi in severe austerities and penancesCC Madhya 22.42
CC Madhya 24.219
tapasi in the austeritySB 8.17.18
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