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avatan -tanoti- (ind.p. -tatya-) to stretch or extend downwards ; to overspread, cover , (Imper. 2. sg. P. -tanu-[ ] or -tanuhi-[four times in ; see commentator or commentary ] A1. -tanuṣva- ) to loosen, undo (especially a bowstring) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
tan cl.8 P. A1. n/oti-, nut/e- (3. plural nv/ate-[ --and vi-tanvat/e- ] ; imperative nu-[ /ava-and v/i-tanuhi- ; see Va1rtt. 1 ] ; nuṣva- ; subjunctive 2. sg. nuthās-, ;1. dual number navāvahai-, ; imperfect tense 3. plural /atanvata-, ; perfect tense P. tat/āna-,once tāt- ;2. sg. tat/antha-[ ],class. tenitha-[ ]; A1.1. 2. 3. sg. [ --] tatane-, [abh/i-]tatniṣe-, [v/i-]tatne- ;3. sg. irregular tate-, ;3. plural tatnir/e-[ v/i-- ] or ten-[ (vi--)etc.; see ]; Aorist P. /atan- ; [/ā-]atān-, ; ;[ p/ari--, v/i--] atanat- ; [anv-/ā]atāṃsīt- ; atānīt- ; tat/anat-, [abh/i-]t/anāma-, t/anan- ;2. plural ataniṣṭa- ;3. dual number atāniṣṭām- ; A1. atata-or ataniṣṭa-, atathās-or ataniṣṭhās- ;3. plural /atnata- ; tat/ananta-, ;1. sg. atasi- plural ataṃsmahi- ; future 2nd taṃsy/ate- ; future 1st [vi-]tāyitā- ; parasmE-pada proper tanv/at-, vān/a-; perfect tense tatanv/as-; ind.p. tatvā-, tv/āya-, -t/atya- ;[ vi--] tāya- ; infinitive mood tantum- ; Passive voice tāy/ate- [ parasmE-pada y/amāna-] etc.; tanyate- ; Aorist atāyi- ) to extend, spread, be diffused (as light) over, shine, extend towards, reach to etc. ; to be protracted, continue, endure ; to stretch (a cord), extend or bend (a bow), spread, spin out, weave etc. ; to emboss ; to prepare (a way for) ; to direct (one's way, gatim-) towards ; to propagate (one's self or one's family, tanūs-, tantum-) ; to (spread id est to) speak (words) ; to protract ; to put forth, show, manifest, display, augment etc. (Passive voice to be put forth or extended, increase ) ; to accomplish, perform (a ceremony) etc. ; to sacrifice ; to compose (a literary work) ; to render (any one thirsty, double accusative) : Desiderative titaniṣati-, taṃsati-, tāṃs- : Intensive tantanyate-, tantanīti-, ; ([ see , etc.]) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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martasya tanuhi sthiram RV.10.134.2b; SV.2.442b.
anu mā tanuhy asmin yajñe 'syāṃ sādhukṛtyāyām asminn anne 'smiṃl loke # VSK.2.6.9; Kś.3.8.25. See anu mā saṃtanuhi.
anu mā saṃtanuhi prajayā paśubhī rāyaspoṣeṇa suprajāstvena suvīryeṇa # śś.2.12.10. See anu mā tanuhy.
ava sthirā tanuhi bhūri śardhatām # RV.8.19.20c; SV.2.910c; VS.15.40b; JB.3.275c; Apś.14.33.6b; Mś.
ava sthirā tanuhi yātujūnām # RV.4.4.5c; 10.116.5b; VS.13.13c; TS.; MS.2.7.15c: 97.16; KS.16.15c.
asāv (MS.KSṃś. asā) anu mā tanu (Lś. tanuhi jyotiṣā) # MS.1.4.2: 49.2; KS.7.2; Lś.2.11.3; Mś.; Apś.4.16.4. See under amī anu.
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