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tamasi: masculine locative singular stem: tamas
tamasi: neuter locative singular stem: tamas
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tamasi darknessSB 6.15.16
tamasi in darknessSB 11.4.19
SB 12.8.1
SB 3.29.5
SB 6.15.18-19
SB 6.7.14
tamasi in hellish lifeSB 5.14.28
tamasi in ignoranceBG 14.15
SB 5.14.20
SB 6.2.35
tamasi in the darknessSB 10.89.48-49
SB 12.9.16
SB 5.14.33
SB 5.26.17
tamasi in the darkness of illusionSB 4.7.30
tamasi in the material existence of darknessSB 4.28.27
tamasi into darknessSB 11.30.43
tamasi into hellSB 7.1.17
tamasi into the darkness of hellSB 11.8.7
tamasi into the darkness of ignoranceSB 5.6.11
tamasi the mode of ignoranceBG 14.13
tamasi when the darknessSB 9.14.27
tamasi when the mode of ignorance increasesSB 11.25.19
tamasi within the darknessSB 11.23.49

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