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tailacaurikāf. "stealing oil", a cock-roach View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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tailactaddhita affix. affix तैल applied in the sense of oil to a word meaning the substance from which oil is extracted: e. g. तिलतैलं सर्षपतैलम् ; confer, compare विकारे सेनहने तैलच्, Kas on P. V. 2. 29.
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tailacitra, tailaraṅga-citram   

citraviśeṣaḥ, tailaraṅgaiḥ sthūlapaṭādiṣu varṇitaṃ citram;

rājñā ravivarmaṇā kṛtāni tailacitrāṇi mhaisuranagarasthe rājabhavane rājante

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