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tadrasam. the spirit thereof View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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tadrasa m. essence of it; -râga, m. suffix attached to the name of a people to designate their king; -rûpa, a. of such kind or appearance; of the same kind; -vamsya, m. relative of that ruler; -vaktri, m.propounder of that; -vat, 1. ad. in this way, thus; similarly, likewise, also; 2. a. possess ing or containing that: -tâ, f. conformity, harmony; -vayas, a. of the same age; -víd, a. knowing or versed in that; m. connoisseur; -vidha, a. of such a kind, such, such-like; corresponding thereto: -tva, n. corresponding nature; -vishaya, a. belonging to that cate gory; having that as an object; -vritti, a. living according to that; -vrata, a. fulfilling duties towards him, her, or them.
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madhu kṣaranti tadrasam # TA.10.15.1. See prec.
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