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"tad" has 2 results.
        Root Word (Pāṇini Dhātupāṭha:)Full Root MarkerSenseClassSutra
"tad" has 2 results.
        Root WordIAST MeaningMonier Williams PageClass
√तड्taḍbeating, striking / āghāta130/3Cl.10
√तड्taḍspeaking / bhāṣā755/3Cl.10
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Results for tad"
Results for tad"
tad(Nominal verb and accusative sg. n.of and base in compound for 2. t/a-from which latter all the cases of this pronoun are formed except Nominal verb sg. m. s/as-or s/a-& f. s/ā-; instrumental case plural t/ais- etc.;Ved. t/ebhis- etc.) m. he f. she n. it, that, this (often correlative of y/a-generally standing in the preceding clause exempli gratia, 'for example' yasya buddhiḥ sa balavān-,"of whom there is intellect he is strong";sometimes, for the sake of emphasis, connected with the 1st and 2nd personal pronouns, with other demonstratives and with relatives exempli gratia, 'for example' so 'ham-,"I that very person, I myself"[ tasya- equals mama- ]; tāv imau-,"those very two"; tad etad ākhyānam-,"that very tale" ; yat tat kāraṇam-,"that very reason which" ; yā sā śrī-,"that very fortune which" ) etc. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
tad(tad-) n. this world (see idam-) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
tadn. = brahma- See tat-tva- View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
tad(t/ad-) ind. there, in that place, thither, to that spot (correlative of y/atra-or y/atas-) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
tadind. then, at that time, in that case (correlative of yad/ā-, y/ad- ;of y/atra- ;of yadi- etc.;of ced- etc.) etc. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
tadind. thus, in this manner, with regard to that, View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
tadind. (tad etau ślokau bhavataḥ-,"with reference to that there are these two verses") View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
tadind. on that account, for that reason, therefore, consequently (sometimes correlative of yatas-, yad-, yena-,"because" etc.) etc. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
tadind. now (clause-connecting particle) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
tadind. so also, equally, and View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
tad tad tad- this and that, various, different (exempli gratia, 'for example' taṃ taṃ deśaṃ jagāma-,"he went to this and that place"; tāsu tāsu yoniṣu-,"in different or various birth-places") View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
tad tad tad- respective View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
tad tenaiva tenaiva pathā-, on quite the same path View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
tad yad tad- whosoever, whichsoever, any, every (also with - [ yad vā tad vā-,"this or that, any"] ;often both pronouns repeated or the interrogative pronoun with cid-added after the relative exempli gratia, 'for example' yad-yat para-vaśaṃ karma tat-tad varjayet-,"whatever action depends on another, that he should avoid" ; yat kiṃ-cid-tad-,"whatever-that" ) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
tad tan na- See sub voce, i.e. the word in the Sanskrit order ced- View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
tad tad- ind. api- "even then", nevertheless, notwithstanding (varia lectio) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
tad tad- (ind.) yathā- "in such a manner as follows", namely, viz. (see pāli- seyyathā-; s/a y/athā-- ) (in PrakrittaM@jahA; see sejjahā-) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
tad([ confer, compare, ; Gothic sa,so,that-a; Latin (is-)te,(is-)ta,(is-)tud,tam,tum,tunc.]) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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tad तद् pron., a. (Nom. sing. सः m., सा f., तत् n.) 1 That referring to something not present; (तदिति परोक्षे विजानी- यात्) -2 He, she, it; (oft. as corr. of यद्); यस्य बुद्धिर्बलं तस्य Pt.1. -3 That i. e. well-known; सा रम्या नगरी महान्स नृपतिः सामन्तचक्रं च तत् Bh.3.37; Ku.5.71. -4 That (referring to something seen or experienced before, अनुभूतार्थः; उत्कम्पिनी भयपरिस्खलितांशुकान्ता ते लोचने प्रतिदिशं विधुरे क्षिपन्ती K. P.7; Bv.2.5. -5 The same, identical, that, very; usually with एव; तानीन्द्रियाणि सकलानि तदेव नाम Bh.2.4. Sometimes the forms of तद् are used with the first and second personal pronouns, as well as with demonstratives and relatives, for the sake of emphasis; (often translatable by 'therefore', 'then'); सो$हमिज्याविशुद्धात्मा R.1.69; 'I that very person', 'I therefore'; (I who am so and so); स त्वं निवर्तस्व विहाय लज्जाम् 2.4 'thou, therefore, shouldst return', &c. When repeated तद् has the sense of 'several', 'various'; तेषु तेषु स्थानेषु K.369; Bg.7.2; Māl.1.36; ते ते भावाः 1.17. तेन the instr. of तद् is often used with adverbial force in the sense of 'therefore', 'on that account', 'in that case', 'for that reason.' तेन हि if so, well then. -ind. 1 There, thither. -2 Then, in that case, at that time. -3 For that reason, therefore, consequently; तदेहि विमर्दक्षमां भूमिमवतरावः U.5; Me.7,19; R.3.46. -4 Then (corr. of यदि); तथापि यदि महत्कुतूहलं तत्कथयामि K.136; Bg.1.46. -n. 1 The Supreme Spirit or Brahman; तद्भावभावी तद्बुद्धिः Mb.12. 323.29; Bg.17.23. -2 This world. -Comp. -अतिपात a. going beyond the bounds. -अनन्तर a. next to that. (-ind.) immediately after that, thereupon. -अनु ind. after that, afterwards; संदेशं मे तदनु जलद श्रोष्यसि श्रोत्र- पेयम् Me.13; R.16.87; Māl.9.26. -अनुसरणम् going after that. -अन्त a. perishing in that, ending thus. -अन्य a. other than that. -अपेक्ष a. having regard to that. -अर्थ, -अर्थीय a. 1 intended for that. -2 having that meaning. -अर्थम् on that account, with that object, therefore; स्वस्रीयं मम राजेन्द्र द्रष्टुकामो महीपतिः । तदर्थ- मुपयातो$हमयोध्यां रघुनन्दन ॥ Rām.1.73.4. -अर्ह a. meriting that. -अवधि ind. 1 so far; upto that period, till then; तदवधि कुशली पुराणशास्त्रस्मृतिशतचारुविचारजो विवेकः Bv. 2.14. -2 from that time, since then; श्वासो दीर्घस्तदवधि मुखे पाण्डिमा Bv.2.79. -अवस्थ a. so circumstanced. -एकचित्त a. having the mind solely fixed on that; H. -कर a. serving, obeying as servant. -काल 1 the current moment, present time. -2 that time. ˚धी a. having presence of mind. -कालम् ind. 1 instantly, immediately. -2 at that time, at a certain time. -कालीन a. simultaneous; ब्रह्मन्कालान्तरकृतं तत्कालीनं कथं भवेत् Bhāg.1.12.41. -क्षणः 1 present, time being, present or current moment; R.1.51. -2 the same moment. -3 a measure of time. -क्षणम्, -क्षणात् ind. immediately, directly, instantly; सेकान्ते मुनिकन्याभिस्तत्- क्षणोज्झितवृक्षकम् R.3.14; Śi.9.5; Y.2.14; Amaru. 83. -क्रिय a. working without wages. -गत a. gone or directed to that, intent on that, devoted to that, belonging to that; तद्गतेनैव चेतसा Ks.3.68. (-तः) the continued multiplication of four or more like quantities. -गुण a. possessing those qualities. (-णः) 1 the quality or virtue of anything; R.1.9. -2 a figure of speech (in Rhet.); स्वमुत्सृज्य गुणं योगादत्युज्ज्वलगुणस्य यत् । वस्तु तद्गुण- तामेति भण्यते स तु तद्गुणः ॥ K. P.1.137; see Chandr.5.141. ˚संविज्ञानः a term applied to those Bahuvrīhi compounds in which the qualities denoted by the name are perceived along with the thing itself; as लंबकर्ण; cf. अतद्गुणसंविज्ञान also. -ज a. immediate, instantaneous. -ज्ञः a knowing or intelligent man, wise man, philosopher. -तृतीय a. doing that for the third time. -देश्य a. coming from the same country. -देश्यः a fellow countryman. -धन a. miserly, niggardly. -धर्मिन् a. obeying his laws; तद्धर्मिणां निवसतां विषमः स्वभावः Bhāg.3.15.32. -धर्म्य a. of that kind; Bhāg.5.14.2. -पदार्थः the Supreme Being. -पर a. 1 following that, coming after that, inferior. -2 having that as the highest object, closely intent on, exclusively devoted to, eagerly engaged in (usually in comp.); सम्राट् समाराधनतत्परो$भूत् R.2.5;1.66; Me.1; Y.1.83; Ms.3.262. -3 diligent. (-रः) the thirtieth part of a twinkling of the eye. (-रा) one sixtieth of a second of a circle. ˚ता, ˚त्वम् 1 intentness, entire devotion or addiction to a thing. -2 inferiority. -परायण a. solely devoted or attached to anything. -पुरुषः 1 the original or Supreme Spirit. -2 N. of a class of compounds in which the first member determines the sense of the other member, or in which the last member is defined or qualified by the first, without losing its original independence; as तत्पुरुषः; तत्पुरुष कर्मधारय येनाहं स्यां बहुव्रीहिः Udb. उत्तरपदप्रधानस्तत्पुरुषः -पूर्व a. 1 happening or occurring for the first time; अकारि तत्पूर्वनिबद्धया तया Ku.5.1;7.3; R.2.42;14.38. -2 prior, former. -पूर्वम् ind. that for the first time; Ki.7.11. -प्रथम a. doing that for the first time; Ku.5.66. -फल a. having that as a fruit or result. (-लः) 1 the white water-lily. -2 a kind of perfume. -बलः a kind of arrow. -भव a. sprung from Sanskṛit &c. (as Prākṛit or other words). -भावः becoming that. -मात्रम् 1 merely that, only a trifle, a very small quantity; तन्मात्रादेव कुपितो राजा Ks.6.15. -2 (in phil.) a subtle and primary element (such as शब्द, स्पर्श, रूप, रस and गन्ध) तन्मात्राण्यविशेषाः Sān. K.38; गणस्तन्मात्रपञ्चकश्चैव Sān. K.24; Bhāg.11.24.7. -मात्रिक a. consisting of rudimentary atoms; अर्थस्तन्मात्रिकाज्जज्ञे Bhāg.11.24.8. -राजः an affix added to some proper names to form from them the names of the 'king' or 'chief'; as from अङ्ग is formed आङ्ग 'king of the Aṅgas' by the affix अण्. -रूप a. thus shaped, so formed; of the same quality. -वाचक a. denoting or signifying that. -विद् a. 1 knowing that. -2 knowing the truth. -विद्य a. a Connoisseur, expert. -विध a. of that kind or sort; भक्त्योपपन्नेषु हि तद्विधानां प्रसादचिह्नानि पुरः फलानि R.2.22; Ku.5.73; Ms.2.112. -संख्याक a. of that number; Y.2.6. com. -समनन्तरम् ind. immediately upon that; Ks.4.24. -स्थ a. being on or in that, connected with it. (-स्थः) a particular mode of multiplication. -हित a. good for that. -(तः) 1 an affix added to primary bases to form derivative or secondary bases from them. -2 a noun formed by a Taddhita affix, a derivative noun.
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tad prn. nm., ac. n. of ta: also base °ree;--; ad. there; thither; so, thus, then, in regard to that (in the Brâhmanas); then, in that case (corr. yadi, ked); therefore, accordingly (corr. yad, yatah, yena); now (common in Brâhmanas as a particle of transition); tad api, even that, even then (corr. ked); nevertheless (corr. yadi½api); tad yathâ, this is as follows, thus for instance.
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Results for tad"351 results
tad ayaṃ rājā varuṇo 'numanyatām AG.1.13.6c (crit. notes); SMB.1.1.10c; PG.1.5.11c; ApMB.1.4.7c; HG.1.19.7c; JG.1.20c. See tad idaṃ.
tad vaḥ prabravīmi KS.4.14; Kauś.56.7.
tad ayaṃ keto hṛda ā vicaṣṭe RV.1.24.12b.
tad vaktāram avatu TA.7.1.1; TU.1.1.1; MG.1.4.4; VārG.8.4.
tad ayam agniḥ (KS., once, ātmā) KS.7.14 (bis); MS.1.6.1: 86.3; 1.6.2 (ter): 88.17,18; 89.1; 1.6.6: 95.13; 1.6.7: 97.10; TB. (bis),2; TA.4.17.1; Apś.5.12.1 (ter).
tad vaktāram āvīt TA.7.12.1; TU.1.12.1; MG.1.4.8; VārG.8.7.
tad arka uta haskṛtiḥ RV.8.89.6b; SV.2.780b.
tad vayaṃ yajāmahe śś.17.12.4c.
tad arkarūpaṃ vimimānam eti TB.
tad varuṇasya saptyam RV.8.41.4d.
tad aryaman varuṇa mitra cāru RV.2.27.8d; TS.; MS.4.14.14d: 239.3; KS.11.12d; TB.
tad vaḥ sujātā maruto mahitvanam RV.1.166.12a.
tad aryamā tat savitā cano dhāt RV.1.107.3b.
tad vā atharvaṇaḥ śiraḥ AVś.10.2.27a; śirasU.6a.
tad aryamāditiḥ śiśrathantu RV.7.93.7d.
tad vā anaḍuho vratam (AVP. balam) AVś.4.11.11d; AVP.3.25.8d. Cf. tatrāpy anaḍuho.
tad avyathī jarimāṇas taranti RV.10.27.21d.
tad vāṃ vayo yamarājye samānam AVś.12.3.1d.
tad aśakam VS.2.28; TS.; MS.4.9.26 (quater): 138.5--8; KS.5.6; TA.4.41.6 (bis); KA.1.199.2 (ter); śś.4.12.10; Mś.; GG.3.2.50; Kauś.56.7; JG.1.12.
tad vāk KS.39.4; Apś.16.28.1.
tad aśīya Apś.11.15.1 (ter); Mś. (ter).
tad vācā dūṣayāmasi AVP.4.22.3d; 9.10.2d.
tad aśyāma tava rudra praṇītau (RV.KS. -ṇītiṣu) RV.1.114.2d; TS.; KS.40.11d.
tad vāṃ ceti pra vīryam RV.3.12.9c; SV.2.1043c; TS.; MS.4.10.4c: 152.14; KS.4.15c; TB.; Kauś.5.2c. Cf. agnīṣomā ceti.
tad aśyāma maghavāno vayaṃ ca RV.1.136.7d.
tad vāta unmathāyati AVś.20.132.4. See kad etc.
tad aśvaḥ MS.2.13.14: 163.12; KS.39.4; Apś.16.28.1.
tad vātam api gachati śB. See tad devāṃ api.
tad aśvinā pari dhattaṃ svasti TS. See tam aśvinā etc.
tad vāto anu vātu te TS. (quater),4.
tad aśvinā bhiṣajā rudravartanī VS.19.82a; MS.3.11.9a: 153.5; KS.38.3a; TB.
tad vāṃ dātraṃ mahi kīrtenyaṃ bhūt RV.1.116.6c.
tad aśvināv aśvayujopayātām TB.
tad vāṃ narā nāsatyāv anu ṣyāt RV.1.182.8a.
tad aśvinā śṛṇutaṃ dhiṣṇyā (TB. saubhagā) yuvam RV.1.89.4d; VS.25.17d; TB.
tad vāṃ narāv aśvinā paśva"iṣṭī RV.1.180.4c.
tad aśvinā suhavā yāmani śrutam RV.10.92.13d.
tad vāṃ narā śaṃsyaṃ rādhyaṃ ca RV.1.116.11a.
tad aṣāḍhā abhisaṃyantu yajñam TB.
tad vāṃ narā śaṃsyaṃ pajriyeṇa RV.1.117.6a.
tad aṣṭāpo asādayan AVś.11.8.29b.
tad vāṃ narā sanaye daṃsa ugram RV.1.116.12a; śB.; KA.1.226a; 3.226; BṛhU.2.5.16a.
tad asau sūryaḥ KS.7.14; TB.; Apś.5.12.1.
tad vāṃ nāma tad vāṃ nāmadheyam AVP.1.86.5b.
tad astabhnā uto divam (RV. uta dyām) RV.8.89.5d; SV.2.779d; ArS.2.7d.
tad vām astu vidūrakam AVP.2.58.5d.
tad astu tubhyam id ghṛtam TS. See sarvaṃ tad astu.
tad vām astu sahase manyumac chavaḥ RV.7.104.3d; AVś.8.4.3d.
tad astu prajayā bahu AVś.6.141.2d.
tad vām ṛtaṃ rodasī pra bravīmi RV.10.79.4a.
tad astu mitrāvaruṇā tad agne RV.5.47.7a; AVś.19.11.6a; AVP.12.17.6a. P: tad astu mitrāvaruṇā śś.8.8.10.
tad vāṃ mahitvaṃ ghṛtānnāv astu RV.6.67.8c.
tad astu sutvak tanvaḥ AVP.1.26.4c.
tad vāyave Kś.2.1.24; Apś.3.18.4; Mś.
tad astu hṛdayaṃ tava SMB.1.3.9d.
tad vāyuḥ Apś.16.28.1. See tad āyuḥ.
tad astu hṛdayaṃ mama SMB.1.3.9b.
tad vāyunā śāntiḥ MS.4.9.27: 138.12.
tad asmad aśvinā yuvam Kauś.58.1c. Cf. tathā tad aśvi-.
tad vāyus tad u candramāḥ VS.32.1b. See tat sūryas.
tad asmabhyaṃ varuṇo vāyur agniḥ AVP.1.18.1c. See athāsmabhyaṃ etc.
tad vāryaṃ vṛṇīmahe RV.8.25.13a; N.5.1.
tad asmabhyaṃ savitā satyadharmā AVś.7.24.1c.
tad vidac charyaṇāvati RV.1.84.14c; AVś.20.41.2c (vulgate, erroneously, yad vidac); SV.2.264c; JB.3.64c; TB. See avindañ śarya-.
tad asmabhyam iṣavaḥ śarma yachān AVP.15.11.2d. See tatrāsmabhyam.
tad vide kāmam ūrjam āpaḥ AVś.9.1.9d. See iṣam ūrjaṃ rāyaspoṣaṃ.
tad asmān pātu viśvataḥ AVś.19.20.3d; AVP.1.108.3d. Cf. under so asmān pātu.
tad viprāso vipanyavaḥ (SV. -yuvaḥ) RV.1.22.21a; SV.2.1023a; VS.34.44a; NṛpU.5.10a; Vāsū.4.2a; SkandaU.16a; āruṇU.5a; MuktiU.2.78b.
tad asmāsu draviṇaṃ dhehi citram RV.2.23.15d; VS.26.3d; TS.;; MS.4.14.4d: 220.4; KS.4.16d; 40.11d; AB.4.11.9; PG.1.5.11d.
tad vipro abravīd udak (śś. u tat) AVś.20.128.3c; śś.
tad asmāsu vi yantana RV.8.47.10d.
tad viyūyā kavayo anvavindan ā.
tad asme śaṃ yor arapo dadhātana RV.10.37.11d. See under athā naḥ śaṃ.
tad viviḍḍhi yat ta indro jujoṣat RV.8.96.12a.
tad asmai devā abhisaṃnamantu (AVś.AVP. upasaṃnamantu) AVś.19.41.1d; AVP.1.53.3d; TS.; TA.3.11.9d.
tad viśvam abhibhūr asi RV.8.89.6c; SV.2.780c.
tad asmai devā rāsantām MS.4.13.9: 212.11; TB.; śB.; Aś.1.9.5; śś.1.14.18.
tad viśvam upa jīvati RV.1.164.42d; TB.; TA.10.11.1d; MahānU.11.2d; N.11.41d.
tad asmai navyam aṅgirasvad arcata RV.2.17.1a. P: tad asmai navyam Aś.6.4.10; śś.9.13.3.
tad viṣam arasaṃ viṣam AVP.9.10.12e.
tad asya ghnanty abhipaśyata eva AVś.10.8.24c.
tad viṣṇoḥ paramaṃ padam RV.1.22.20a; AVś.7.26.7a; SV.2.1022a; VS.6.5a; TS.;; MS.1.2.14a: 24.3; 3.9.4: 118.11; KS.3.3a; 26.5; śB.; Apś.7.11.4; 16.26.4; Mś.; ViDh.64.20; LVyāsaDh.2.21,42,44; GopālU.1a; NṛpU.5.10a; Vāsū.4.1a; SkandaU.15a; MuktiU.2.77a; āruṇU.5a. P: tad viṣṇoḥ Kś.6.3.13; VHDh.5.568; 7.187,192; 8.6,62,246; BṛhPDh.5.251; 9.60,216; śaṅkhaDh.7.30,31; Rvidh.1.17.7. Cf. Rāmāyaṇa 6.41.25.
tad asya citraṃ haviṣā yajāma TB.
tad vīryaṃ vo maruto mahitvanam RV.5.54.5a.
tad asya priyam abhi pātho aśyām (TB. asthām) RV.1.154.5a; MS.4.12.1a: 179.4; AB.1.17.7; TB.; Aś.4.5.3. Ps: tad asya priyam TB.; tad asya MS.4.14.5: 221.4.
tad vṛṣṭiḥ KS.39.4.
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tad bhiṣajyata Apś.14.20.7.
tad agne vidvān pra daha kṣiṇīhi AVP.12.18.10c.
tad bhaimīś cakrire srajaḥ AVP.4.21.6c.
tad aṅga pratiharya naḥ TB.
tad yajamānam amṛtatve dadhātu TB.; Apś.1.13.1d; Mś.
tad aṅga yātucātanam AVś.1.16.2d.
tad yathā hutam iṣṭaṃ prāśnīyād devātmā tvā prāśnāmi Kauś.65.14.
tad ajā MS.2.13.14: 163.10; KS.39.4; Apś.16.28.1.
tad yamo rājā bhagavān vicaṣṭām TB.
tad ajānād vadhūḥ satī AVś.11.8.17b.
tad yuvaṃ madhu cakrathuḥ AVP.9.8.3d.
tad addhātaya id viduḥ RV.10.85.16d; AVś.14.1.16d.
tad yonau prati tiṣṭhatu AVP.11.1.14b.
tad adya vācaḥ prathamaṃ masīya (N. maṃsīya) RV.10.53.4a; Aś.1.2.1; 4.9; Apś.24.13.3a; N.3.8a. P: tad adya vācaḥ śś.1.6.13; 14.56.14.
tad rakṣadhvam Kś.25.13.26; Apś.14.20.7.
tad adyā cit ta ukthinaḥ RV.8.15.6a; AVś.20.61.3a; SV.2.232a.
tad rakṣasva MS.4.1.3: 5.14; 4.1.13: 18.12.
tad adyedam ṛbhavo nānu gachatha RV.1.161.11d; N.11.16.
tad rātiṣāca oṣadhīr uta dyauḥ RV.7.34.23b.
tad anu preta sukṛtām u lokam VS.18.58c; śB. See tam anu prehi.
tad rātriyāt pratimucyate Tā.10.34d.
tad antarasya sarvasya VS.40.5c; īśāU.5c.
tad rādho adya savitur vareṇyam RV.1.159.5a.
tad antarikṣam MS.2.13.14: 163.8; KS.39.4; Apś.16.28.1.
tad rāṣṭraṃ hanti duchunā AVś.5.19.8d; AVP.9.19.4d.
tad antāt pṛthivyā adhi Mś. See antān pṛthivyā.
tad rāsabho nāsatyā sahasram RV.1.116.2c.
tad rāsva bhunajāmahai RV.7.81.5d.
tad anyasyām adhi śritam AVś.1.32.4b; TB.; Apś.9.14.2b. See viśvam anyasyām etc.
tad rudrāya svayaśase RV.1.129.3e.
tad anyo nānu jāyate RV.6.48.22d.
tad rodasī janayataṃ jaritre RV.1.185.3c.
tad anvavaid indro rārahāṇa āsām RV.10.139.4c; TA.4.11.7c. See tad indrasya.
tad rodasī śṛṇutaṃ viśvaminve RV.10.67.11d; AVś.20.91.11d.
tad apaśyat tad abhavat tad āsīt (TA. abhavat prajāsu; MahānU. abhavat tat prajāsu) VS.32.12d; TA.10.1.4d; MahānU.2.6d.
tad va ā vartayāmasi AVś.7.12.4c.
tad apāg iti śuśruma AVś.20.128.4d; śś.
tad va ukthasya barhaṇā RV.6.44.6a.
tad amuṣmā agne devāḥ parā vahantu AVś.16.6.11a.
tad va etat punar ā pyāyayāmi AVś.18.4.64c.
tad ayaṃ rājā varuṇas tathāha AVś.3.4.5c; AVP.3.1.5c.
tad va etat puro dadhe AVś.4.7.7d; 5.6.2d; AVP.6.11.2d; KS.38.14d; Apś.16.18.7d.
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tad of it (the target)SB 10.83.23
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tad noun (masculine) [gramm.] the pronoun tad
Frequency rank 28152/72933
tad pronoun this
Frequency rank 2/72933
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